Course Description

Compulsory Courses

MHNZ01 Philosophy and Science of Nursing (3 credits)
The objective of this course is to examine the philosophy and science of nursing in health services in relation to the history and development of the nursing profession in the health care team. References to the professionalism and its socio-political determinants of nursing in different health care system will be through experience sharing among the candidates.

MHNZ02 Advanced Nursing Practice (3 credits)
The course is focused on health assessment and the development of knowledge and skills necessary to provide evidence-based and therapeutic nursing assessment with the aim to develop a foundation for advanced nursing practice. Topics covered include a critique of health assessments models and tools, tools to assess the physical, physiological, socio-cultural aspects of client need and models and tools in family and community assessment. Students are required to apply advanced knowledge, critical thinking and principles of scientific investigation to substantiate practice in their clinical specialty.

MHNZ03 Research Methods for Health Care Professionals (3 credits)
The course describes the role of quantitative and qualitative research methodology in the development of nursing knowledge with the focus on advanced nursing practice, evaluation of research designs, appraising the evidence in nursing research and ethical issues. Topics on research methodology include sampling methods, sampling size planning, data collection methods, measurement strategies, data analysis.

MHNZ04 Pathophysiology (3 credits)
The course aims to enhance the understanding of aetiology and processes of diseases and clinical conditions managed in routine nursing practice. Commonly encountered acute and chronic infective and non-communicable conditions will be examined as examples.

MHNZ05 Pharmacology and Therapeutics (3 credits)
This subject provides candidates the theoretical and scientific knowledge of drugs used in clinical practice.

MHNZ06 Advanced Health Assessment (3 credits)
This course examines the rationales and tools of health assessment. Case studies are used to enhance the practical approach in nursing.

MHNZ07 Health Education and Promotion (3 credits)
This course introduces the principles of health education and behavioral change for promoting individual and population health. It focuses on the actual planning, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion and behavioral intervention programs in different settings at the individual, small group, community, and societal levels, such as the workplace, schools, health care organizations, and the community. Students will examine different theoretical models for health promotion in terms of their different aims, methods, and means of evaluation.  A major emphasis is to critically examine the influences of socioeconomic environment on health and health promotion. There will also be qualitative and quantitative techniques for needs assessment, identification of opportunities for and barriers to promoting health and wellness among individuals and population.

MHNZ08 Professional and Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice (3 credits)
This subject discusses professionalism of nursing practice with emphasis on ethical issues. Case studies will be used to illustrate professional and ethical issues commonly encountered in nursing practice.

MHNZ09 Health Policy (3 credits)
This course examines the various aspects health policy in its formulation, implementation and evaluation. Comparative review of health care systems in different societies and countries is discussed among candidates in the context of ongoing health care reforms.

MHNZ10 Special Topics in Advanced Nursing (3 credits)
Special topics in relation to nursing will be discussed or studied by means of lectures, practices, seminars or tutorials with the aim to broaden or deepen the students’ knowledge in the nursing area.

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