Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

This program is aimed to develop “Tomorrow’s doctor” with knowledge, skills, ethics and professionalism to serve people of Macau. The program adopts a competency-based curriculum, which implements the teaching of problem-oriented learning with clinical relevance. It is designed according to the framework of modem education model in Hong Kong, England and the United States. The program consists of six years, including five years of integrated courses and clinical attachments and one-year of internship.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPA)

This program aims to provide our graduates with the professional knowledge, skills, and attitude to flourish in the pharmaceutical career setting. Generally, our graduates are attractive for all sectors of pharmacy practice, such as hospital pharmacists, government and non-government pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, industrial pharmacists, and pharmaceutical scientists. The program consists of five years, including internship.

Bachelor of Food and Nutritional Sciences (BFNS)

This program is aimed to provide education to students so that they can become specialists in the field of food and nutritional sciences, including food production, quality control, scientific research, food trade and management, public nutrition and clinical nutrition. The program consists of four years, including internship.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

This program is aimed to enable students to develop a systematic and critical understanding of the theories, concepts, principles, issues and new insights relating to public health. The MPH program spans from 2 to 3 years comprising 1-year course work followed by a research project. The former covers a number of important areas including research methods, health promotion, public health, health policy, epidemiology, biostatistics, sociology of health, and evidence based practice.

Master of Nursing (MN)

This program is aimed to provide students with advanced theoretical knowledge, assessment skills, leadership development, and advanced clinical practice in nursing, as well as opportunities to critique and apply nursing theory and research as a scientific basis for nursing practice. The MN program spans from 2 to 3 years 1-year course work followed by a research project. The course work focuses on the acquisition of advanced knowledge in nursing theory, cultural competency, research, psychological care, bioethics, health policy, health assessment, pathophysiology, pharmacology and clinical practice.

Doctor of Public Health (DPH)

This program is aimed to produce public health professionals and researchers at doctorate level, who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to undertake leading responsibilities in public health. We provide students with the opportunity of receiving a practical as well as theoretical education in public health, and prepare them for leadership in public health. The DPH program spans from 3 to 6 years comprising course work, focused research, and personal and professional development.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy (DPP)

This program is aimed to educate high-quality scientific researcher with wide professional knowledge and independent ability to conduct research in pharmaceutical research. The program spans from 3 to 6 years.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences (DPBS)

This program is aimed to provide a personalized education to highly motivated students with the ability of using state-of-the-art platforms and engage in innovative research, leading to advancement of the knowledge and novel discoveries in the area of biomedical sciences.

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