Advisors of Ph.D./MS programs

Name Position E-mail
Joseph Hun-Wei LEE* Chair Professor [email protected]
Zhang Du* Chair Professor [email protected]
Zhang Kang* Chair Professor [email protected]
Lee Shuit Tong* Chair Professor [email protected]
Li Song Xiao* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Li Zi Qing* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Liang Ying Chang* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Wang Wen Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Yang Jun* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Yin Zhao Yang* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Zhou Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Zou Zhi Gang* Distinguished Guest Professor [email protected]
Cai Zhan Chuan* Professor [email protected]
Chi Li Feng* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Fung Man Keung* Professor(Research) [email protected]
He Yao* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Jie Jian Sheng* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Kang Zhen Hui* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Li Jian Qing* Professor [email protected]
Li Liang* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Li Xiao Dong* Professor [email protected]
Li Yan Guang* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Li You Yong* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Liao Liang Sheng* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Liu Zhuang* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Qian Tao* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Sun Bao Quan* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Tang Jian Xin* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Tian Xiao Lin* Professor [email protected]
Tsang Cheung Choy* Professor [email protected]
Wang Sui Dong* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Wang Wen Min* Professor(Research) [email protected]
Wong Hon Cheng* Professor [email protected]
Zhao Qing Lin* Professor [email protected]
Wan Jun* Distinguished Guest Associate Professor [email protected]
Cheang Chak Fong* Associate Professor [email protected]
Feng Li* Associate Professor [email protected]
Huang Ru Bing* Associate Professor [email protected]
Li Dong* Associate Professor [email protected]
Li Xian Feng* Associate Professor [email protected]
Liang Yan Yan* Associate Professor [email protected]
Lu Xiao Ping* Associate Professor [email protected]
Xiao Xuan Xuan* Associate Professor [email protected]
Yang Lei* Associate Professor [email protected]
Zhang Tao* Associate Professor [email protected]
Jiang Shen Lu Assistant Professor [email protected]
Jin Ming Assistant Professor(Research) [email protected]
Lan Ting Assistant Professor [email protected]
Li Da Gang* Assistant Professor [email protected]
Li Nan Nan* Assistant Professor(Research) [email protected]
Liang Zhi Yao* Assistant Professor [email protected]
Lo Sio Long* Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mai Wei Xiong Assistant Professor(Research) [email protected]
Pan Yuan Yuan Assistant Professor [email protected]
Peng Yu Yang* Assistant Professor [email protected]
Subrota Kumar Mondal* Assistant Professor [email protected]
Tian Jin Yu Assistant Professor [email protected]
U Kin Tak* Assistant Professor [email protected]
Wang Li Assistant Professor [email protected]
Wong Chi Chong Assistant Professor [email protected]
Wu Yang Assistant Professor [email protected]
Ye Ben Assistant Professor [email protected]
Ye Zhi Jing Assistant Professor(Research) [email protected]
Zhou Ling Assistant Professor [email protected]

Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.