Advisors of Ph.D./MS programs

Name Position E-mail
Joseph Hun-Wei LEE* Chair Professor
Zhang Du* Chair Professor
Zhang Kang* Chair Professor
Lee Shuit Tong* Chair Professor
Li Song Xiao* Distinguished Guest Professor
Li Zi Qing* Distinguished Guest Professor
Liang Ying Chang* Distinguished Guest Professor
Wang Wen Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor
Yang Jun* Distinguished Guest Professor
Yin Zhao Yang* Distinguished Guest Professor
Zhou Yong* Distinguished Guest Professor
Zou Zhi Gang* Distinguished Guest Professor
Cai Zhan Chuan* Professor
Chi Li Feng* Professor(Research)
Fung Man Keung* Professor(Research)
He Yao* Professor(Research)
Jie Jian Sheng* Professor(Research)
Kang Zhen Hui* Professor(Research)
Li Jian Qing* Professor
Li Liang* Professor(Research)
Li Xiao Dong* Professor
Li Yan Guang* Professor(Research)
Li You Yong* Professor(Research)
Liao Liang Sheng* Professor(Research)
Liu Zhuang* Professor(Research)
Qian Tao* Professor(Research)
Sun Bao Quan* Professor(Research)
Tang Jian Xin* Professor(Research)
Tian Xiao Lin* Professor
Tsang Cheung Choy* Professor
Wang Sui Dong* Professor(Research)
Wang Wen Min* Professor(Research)
Wong Hon Cheng* Professor
Zhao Qing Lin* Professor
Wan Jun* Distinguished Guest Associate Professor
Cheang Chak Fong* Associate Professor
Feng Li* Associate Professor
Huang Ru Bing* Associate Professor
Li Dong* Associate Professor
Li Xian Feng* Associate Professor
Liang Yan Yan* Associate Professor
Lu Xiao Ping* Associate Professor
Xiao Xuan Xuan* Associate Professor
Yang Lei* Associate Professor
Zhang Tao* Associate Professor
Jiang Shen Lu Assistant Professor
Jin Ming Assistant Professor(Research)
Lan Ting Assistant Professor
Li Da Gang* Assistant Professor
Li Nan Nan* Assistant Professor(Research)
Liang Zhi Yao* Assistant Professor
Lo Sio Long* Assistant Professor
Mai Wei Xiong Assistant Professor(Research)
Pan Yuan Yuan Assistant Professor
Peng Yu Yang* Assistant Professor
Subrota Kumar Mondal* Assistant Professor
Tian Jin Yu Assistant Professor
U Kin Tak* Assistant Professor
Wang Li Assistant Professor
Wong Chi Chong Assistant Professor
Wu Yang Assistant Professor
Ye Ben Assistant Professor
Ye Zhi Jing Assistant Professor(Research)
Zhou Ling Assistant Professor
Zou Chang Wei Assistant Professor

Remark: All assistant professors or above can supervise master students while names with "*" can supervise both doctoral and master students.