Admission Examination

Admission Examination

Guidelines for Admission Examination

Not all applicants will be selected to undergo the admission examination. To be considered for the examination, applicants must complete all application procedures within the specified deadline. Following the initial assessment, the respective Faculty/Institute will select suitable candidates to participate in the admission examination if necessary, and make a decision on acceptance or rejection.

For specific details regarding the examination, please refer to the Examination Outlines. It is important to note that each candidate will have individualized arrangements, which can be accessed by logging into the Online Application System. Normally, changes to the examination date or location are not permitted, and there is no opportunity for re-sitting the examination. In any case, the absence of the examination is considered as abandonment of admission.

If the admission examination cannot be conducted as normal due to special circumstances, the examination arrangements may be adjusted accordingly. The University has the final decision for all admission examination arrangements, all information is subject to the University latest announcement.

The acceptance results will be suggested by the admission team of respective Faculty/Institute according to the candidates' academic background and examination performance. All acceptance results will only be announced through the online application system. Do not trust any other forms of notification.