SGS Introduction

The School of Graduate Studies is responsible for coordinating the admission, registration, managing the students' study status, supervising academic issues and research activities. The School of Graduate Studies will thoroughly carry out reforms in postgraduate education, endeavour to improve the level of teaching management, constructively explore for featured cultivation model for postgraduate students and enhance the teaching quality of postgraduate curriculums.

To accord with the rapidly changing society and the increasing need of talents in the local region, the School of Graduate Studies works together with the Faculties to design flexible and suitable curriculums, in order to offer opportunities of higher education to full time or part-time students. So far, we have trained up quantities of professional talents for Macau, Mainland and Taiwan.

The School of Graduate Studies will further develop exchange programs with universities/institutes from foreign countries, to let the talents from our University render service to the international society.

The University offers scholarships to applicants of postgraduate programs who are excellent in study and with strong ability in research. Therefore to let the talents focus on their studies in M.U.S.T. , also to carry out the University’s mission of “talents cultivation”.

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