Since its establishment, Macau University of Science and Technology has focused on postgraduate education. Over the course of twenty one years, we have developed 38 Master’s degree programs and 25 Doctoral degree programs, relating to disciplines as diverse as Arts, Science, Law, Management, Business, Medicine, Pharmacology, Communications, Language, and more. Many of these disciplines have developed excellence in teaching and research.

The School of Graduate Studies is primarily responsible for coordinating the admission and registration of prospective students, managing the status of current students, and supervising teaching and research within the various postgraduate programs. Adhering to the University’s motto “To promote cultural exchange, nurture intellectual growth, foster economic development and further societal progress” and the key values of excellence and creativity. The School of Graduate Studies is committed to thoroughly carrying out reforms in postgraduate education, endeavoring to improve the level of teaching management, constructively exploring the most suitable models for our postgraduate students, and enhancing the teaching quality of our postgraduate courses.

To accord with a rapidly changing society and the increasing need for talent in China and the region, the School of Graduate Studies works together with the Faculties to design flexible and suitable curricula, in order to offer higher education opportunities to full time and part-time students. Thus far, we have trained many top-tier innovative and cross-disciplinary talents who have contributed and will continue to contribute to Macau, Mainland China and countries worldwide.

At present, in addition to Macau, Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, current postgraduate students are not only from the Occident, such as America, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, and the Czech Republic, but also from countries of the Asia-Pacific region including Thailand, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and the Philippines. In addition, the University sends many outstanding students to occidental countries for exchange experiences every year. In the future, the School of Graduate Studies hopes to further develop exchange programs with universities/institutes from foreign countries to promote the internationalization of the postgraduate programs.

We appreciate your support and valuable opinions!

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Professor PANG CHUAN