Introduction to Doctor of Philosophy in Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Management curriculum (DPM) is the highest degree curriculum of the academic education in the field of management, devoted to training creative senior talents with excellent management and research. This curriculum prepares students for research methodologies and analytic skills in academic research, and trains them with global perspectives and original creativity in theoretical or practical problems solving. DPM covers many research areas in business, such as economics, accounting, finance, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, information systems, and human resource management. DPM graduates can lead a team to carry on the research work independently, and are capable of many top positions in government, universities, research institutes, strategic business departments, and so on.

DPM design keeps consistent with the international criteria, and provides students with diversified-background dissertation supervisors with excellent research records. They come from top-tier universities in many countries and regions, and have solid academic performance and experienced practical insights. Furthermore, the supervisors also build close ties with corporate fields through the cooperation of research-development activities and providing business consulting services. Those enriched experiences provide students great business viewpoints and benefit their studies.


Learning Goals and Learning Objectives

LG1. Students demonstrate advanced key knowledge in business and management, field specific knowledge and thematic knowledge.

LG1.1 Students demonstrate key theoretical knowledge of business and management.

LG1.2 Students demonstrate advanced knowledge in a specific field of business and management.

LG1.3 Students demonstrate deep perception about the frontier knowledge in their thematic areas.

LG2. Students are able to review, design, conduct, and report original and significant scholarly research in their fields of specialization.

LG2.1 Students are able to critically conceptualise and evaluate current research literature to identify gaps in knowledge and areas of new knowledge creation.

LG2.2 Students demonstrate skills of appropriate research designs to provide scholarly answers to specific research questions.

LG2.3 Students are able to apply advanced quantitative or qualitative skills to conduct advanced analysis, evaluation and interpretation in scholarly research.

LG3. Students demonstrate effective academic communication skills.

LG3.1 Students are able to write research papers with a high level of conceptual understanding, critical competence, originality, significance and correct citation conventions.

LG3.2 Students are able to make high-quality oral presentation that presents research or knowledge effectively in an organized and logical manner.

LG3.3 Students demonstrate advanced academic writing skills to prepare scholarly work for recognized publication.

LG4. Students demonstrate a strong sense of academic ethics and social responsibility.

LG4.1 Students demonstrate strong awareness and practice of high standards of academic integrity and research ethics, including the production of high quality research.

LG4.2 Students demonstrate strong awareness of social responsibility in respect of research and publication. 

LG5. Demonstrate global and multicultural perspectives.

LG5.1 Students understand, appreciate, respect and/or work well with other cultures and international diversity.

LG5.2 Students demonstrate good understanding of globalization of business and economy, mastery of the latest international research trends in their specialized field.

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