Course Description

Core Courses

MBMZ01 Research Methodology (3 credits)
This course is a general introduction to social science research methods and will cover three main empirical research activities: measurement, research design and analyses. Our approach will be hands-on right from the start. The final goal for this course is to help students equipped with abilities complete their graduation theses independently.
MBMZ02 Managerial Economics (3 credits)
This course begins by teaching students the practical utility of basic economic tools such as present value analysis, supply and demand, regression, indifference curves, isoquants, production, costs, and basic models of perfect competition, monopoly, and monopolistic competition. The goal of this course is to help students found the thinking mode from managerial economics and train the primary ability of economic management through combination of theory and practice.
MBMZ10 Managerial Decision Methods (3 credits)
This course introduces the commonly used decision analysis theories and methods in the field of business analysis, including behavior decision-making theory, decision analysis and support, statistics and decision support, information and knowledge management, artificial intelligence and expert system, operation research and optimization, decision analysis and multi-objective, decision analysis and uncertainty, and strategic decision analysis, etc. Case analysis is widely used in this course to encourage students to solve practical problems in management through decision analysis.

MBMZ11 Advanced Human Resources Management (3 credits)
The course covers the major areas regarding employees in the areas of recruitment and staffing, training and development, compensation, performance appraisal, reward systems, work design in organizations, preparing students to provide direction in the creation and implementation of effective management systems. This course is expected to enable the students to have a full understanding of the importance of HRM in today’s daily increasing global competitive business environment; it provides students with basic functions, concepts & principles, and prepares them to be future HR managers. By having learnt this course, students are expected to understand basic activities of HR management, and be able to apply what they have learned from this course into practices.
MBMZ15 Marketing Management (3 credits)

This course aims to discuss with students the basic marketing theories and their application in real business situations. Specifically, this course examines the importance of marketing concepts in an organization and how to satisfy the need and wants of customer through the development of effective segmentation, targeting, positioning and marketing mix. Emphasis comprises the training of the basic skills required to make optimal marketing decisions. This course combines lectures, case discussions, individual assignments and group projects.

MBMZ16 Accounting (3 credits)
This course is designed to provide an introduction to financial accounting from the users' perspective, including fundamental accounting principles, journal entries, basic types of financial statements, etc. Its primary purposes are to promote understanding of financial accounting information for decision-making purposes and to focus on financial accounting's role in communication business results.

MBMZ17 Strategic Management (3 credits)
This course introduces the concepts, analytical tools, typical cases and process of strategic management in the modern global business administration. Topics include characteristics of strategic management, business model, strategy hierarchy, external environment analysis, competitive position, internal situation analysis, generic competitive strategies, partnership and strategic alliances, merger and acquisition, vertical integration, outsource strategy, internalization strategy, value chain, diversification, corporate social responsibility, organizational structure, corporate culture, core competences development etc. This course stresses the principles and practices in strategic management, and leads students to discuss and help them understand the key issues in strategic management by plenty of case studies.

MBMZ18 Business Ethics (3 credits)
As a basic business ethics course, this course mainly introduces the basic theory of business ethics, ethical choice and decision-making, employment right, occupational privacy protection, and corporate social responsibility. The course covers the general ethical field to help students understand the ethical issues and problems inside and outside the enterprise and propose corresponding solutions in combination with business ethics theory and practice. This course will focus on the ethical issues involved in management, guide students to understand and discuss relevant ethical issues and guidelines through practical cases. The course will be conducted in the form of lectures, case discussions, group reports, etc.

Elective Courses
MBME04 Service Marketing (3 credits)
This course introduces key strategic concepts and theories in modern service(s) marketing. Topics include characteristics of service, service marketing mix, service innovation, service recovery, service quality and gaps models of service quality. The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the “state of the art” service management thinking and promotes a customer service-oriented mindset. After the completion of this course, students are able to address distinctive issues in modern service(s) management and marketing. This course combines lectures, case discussions, individual assignments and group projects.
MBME05 Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
This course aims to introduce students to the behavior of consumers and how psychological and social factors affect the decision making process. Topics include consumer perception, motivation, emotion, attitude, information processing, culture and social influence. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to 1) describe the major concepts and theories of consumer behavior, 2) analyze and explain the behavioral mechanisms, and 3) apply the knowledge to implement marketing strategies and plans to solve practical problems.

MBME06 Brand Management (3 credits)
The brands that a firm has invested in and developed over time are typically their most valuable assets. This course aims to introduce related brand concepts and brand management strategies. After learning this course, students should get to know branding theories and how firms manage their brands.
MBME07 Special Topic In Contemporary Management (3 credits)
Frontier contemporary management will introduce the new trends and hot issues of management practice in the form of special topics.
MBME08 Performance Management (3 credits)
This course introduces knowledge and practical skills related to performance management, include: 1. Definition of performance management, compensation management ; 2. Theoretical model and management process of performance management and compensation management; 3. Introduce real company cases and elaborate the methods and styles of performance management and compensation management; 4. Summarize the best practices of performance management and compensation management; 5. Construction of performance-based compensation system.
MBME09 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
This course aims to provide students with a conceptual and theoretical approach to understand the employees’ behavior in the organization. It will introduce the students to the fundamental concepts of organizational behavior. The primary focus will be on gaining a better understanding of the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations. It facilitates students with the knowledge and skills required to diagnose different behavioral situations and the necessary techniques in influencing and controlling the behavior of employees in the achievement of individual and organizational effectiveness. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on examining how the theoretical concepts introduced in class relate to the day-to-day operations of a business and to our future career.
MBME10 Organization Theory And Design (3 credits)
This course is intended to be a challenging and exciting course to deepen students’ understanding about how organizations do and should work. Various conceptual approaches and theoretical frameworks will be utilized to systematically explain organizing processes and solve practical problems. Topics include organizations and organization theory; organizational stakeholders; organization’s external environment; organizational structure and design; organizational culture; and organizational change and transformation. In addition, different types of cases will be discussed in the class.

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