Master of Public Administration

With the development of the economy and transformation in political and social areas, more and more people of public sectors, non-profit organizations realize the utmost importance of the knowledge of public administration. Against this background, the target of the MPA program of Business School strives to train students in government and other public organizations to become highly effective managers with globalized citizenship vision and high-level ethics. This program will provide courses related to public administration, such as public policy analysis, human resources management in public organization and government, political science, public administration ethics, fundamentals of law for administration, etc. We encourage students to choose the research field from the MPA program based on their interests.

Course Features:

The comprehensive courses include: Public Administration, Analysis of Public Policies, Political Science, Fundamentals of Law for Administration, Public Economics, Human Resources Management for Public Organizations, Research Methodology, the Ethics of Public Administration, etc.

Emphasis on research abilities: Students will conduct a research project and complete a master thesis in the second academic year under professors’ supervision, which is helpful for their career development and further studies.

A combination of theory and practice: The courses enhance knowledge and skills for public administration. In addition to the regular courses, students are encouraged to conduct field studies in government sectors and communities.

Emphasis on international and regional comparisons:The course requires students to have an understanding of local public administration as well as to conduct comparative research on public policy and public governance among Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and other countries.


Learning Goals and Learning Objectives

LG1. Students demonstrate solid general managerial knowledge and skills in business/public administration.

LG1.1 Students demonstrate advanced conceptual and managerial knowledge in business management/public administration.  

LG1.2 Students demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills of strategic management in business management / public administration.  

LG2Demonstrate key critical thinking and analytical skills in solving problems in business management / public administration.

LG2.1 Students are able to identify and define problems and opportunities in general business and public administration management.

LG2.2 Students are able to apply appropriate qualitative or quantitative techniques to collect and analyze data and information.

LG2.3 Students are able to interpret the result of data and information analysis and make recommendations relating to business strategy and public policies.

LG3. Students will demonstrate strong communication and teamwork skills.

LG3.1 Students are able to communicate clearly and effectively orally in a logical, coherent, organized manner and in a suitable register.

LG3.2 Students are able to communicate clearly and effectively in writing in a logical, coherent, organized manner and in a suitable register.

LG3.3 Students demonstrate knowledge and skills of goal-setting, planning and achieving teamwork and collaboration in a group.  

LG4. Have a strong ethical perspective and strong skills of making ethical decisions in business management and public administration.

LG4.1 Students demonstrate solid knowledge of ethical conduct and legal setting in business and economy environment.

LG4.2 Students are able to recognize ethical dilemmas in business management and public administration, to apply an ethical model to assess and evaluate the potential impact and consequences of ethical and legal issues, and to propose and defend a resolution when making decisions in business management and public administration.

LG4.3 Students demonstrate strong knowledge of social responsibilities and are able to apply a sustainable model to propose and defend a resolution.

LG5. Students are able to demonstrate competent managerial ability to act strategically in the context of globalization.

LG5.1 Students understand, appreciate, respect and/or work well with other cultures and international diversity.

LG5.2 Students have global perspective of business management and public administration. Students are able to integrate the implication of globalization and diversity into decision-makings in business management and public administration.

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