Course Description

Core Courses

MBEZ01 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

How to explain the low employee dedication and high demission rate of the post-90s generation? What are the effective ways to cultivate our leadership and others? These topics belong to Organizational Behavior, which refers to the relationship between staff behavior and organizational performance. The course studies individuals, groups and all other walks of the organization. Latest results of modern management theory have been incorporated into this course including decision-making behavior, work altitude, theory of needs, motivation, perception, learning, team building, leadership, authority, stress, frustration, conflict, communication and etc.

MBEZ02 Economics Policy Analysis (3 credits)

It studies global economy, monetary and fiscal policies, compares China’s economy with global situation, and analyzes the impacts exerted by world business environment and major economies on corporate development so as to sharpen students’ awareness of globalized business climate. The course is comprised of both fundamentals and cutting-edge theories of macroeconomic policies, short-run economic fluctuation, and long-term economic growth. With analytical tools from macroeconomics, students are capable of perceiving implications of economic state quo at home and abroad and domestic economic policies on industrial and corporate operation. Meanwhile, predictions of macroeconomic policies enable students to hold the future trend, so that though engaged in miscellaneous management, students are able to make rational and unambiguous business decisions when faced by big changes.

MBEZ03 Strategic Management and Innovation (3 credits)

Based on case studies, the course probes into strategic success and failure of Fortune Global 500. Big-picture thinking is to be cultivated and global trends for corporate strategy development will be learned through looking into students’ own cases, analyzing and discussing respective business strategies. The course elaborates concepts and trends of innovative management from strategic perspective, helps boost corporate innovation capability by resource integration, route of communication, and innovation decision model, and sets forth the challenges of innovation launching and promotion.

MBEZ04 Information System Management under the Internet Ages (3 credits)

As the internet and information technology boomed, conventional management concepts and tools can no longer meet the needs of enterprise management in the information age, and IT application will fundamentally transform the way enterprises operate and manage. Information system has become a crucial tool to integrate recourses, reform processes and mange changes. This course explores how IT affects corporate strategy, organization and management and how to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness by use of information.

MBEZ05 Contemporary Human Resources Management (3 credits)

The course introduces fundamentals of HRM (Human Resources Management), its functions, and its integration with organizational strategy. Besides, key elements of HRM such as HR planning, recruitment, training development, and performance and compensation management will be studied and discussed. Highlights of the course are essential HRM issues including selection and motivation of senior executives, staff career development, and cross-cultural teamwork.

MBEZ06 Corporate Financial Management (3 credits)

It mainly studies and analyzes concepts, theories and applications of contemporary corporate finance. Based on overview and broad topics of corporate finance, this course emphasizes on corporate finance decision-making and its implications on risks and values, capital budget, business cost, dividend policy, stock split, share repurchase, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, basic knowledge of corporate risk management, and financial distress. Stock picking criteria, valuation and operation will also be covered by this course.

MBEZ07 Financial Report Analysis and Decision (3 credits)

Focusing on the foundation of business operation, namely the profitability, the course merges the supposedly complex financial statements with corporate management into a practical management tool, with which the students are able to dig out operational problems behind the sheets. Students will be instructed to read their management reports in a wise way in order to control cost and comprehend approaches and steps of overall budgeting. In this way, from the point of finance, students could review and reinforce their management competency by combing overall strategy with financial management. Through the simple yet profound course, students will enjoy and give full play to financial management.

MBEZ08 Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 credits)

The course of supply chain management presents students with an integration approach applied in enterprises as to expound how goods, services, information and capital flow from suppliers towards clients. After accomplishing this course, students will understand how goods and services provided and distributed via internal and external global supply chain, and cut down or eliminate overlapping procedures in order to improve corporate performance (profitability).

MBEZ09 Contemporary Marketing (3 credits)

Marketing is defined as science and art of building a profitable relationship among organizations, customers, and relevant parties by creating customer value and market exchange. As one of the core elements of business, marketing is referred to as organizational philosophy and also a guidance for interaction among customers, competitors, cooperators, and environment. Marketing involves planning and implementing the definition, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, services, and ideas. It starts from recognition and evaluation of customer demand, assessment of environment before selecting the most appropriate target consumers, designing and implementing marketing programs so as to better meet customer demand than competitors. As an introductory course for marketing theory and practice, this course will provide students with its completed framework through lectures, case studies, individual homework, group project and presentation.

Elective Courses

MBEE01 Service Management (1.5 credits)

With decades of rapid economic growth in China, the era of service economy is here to stay. Of current industrial structure, the service industry is the most robust, sophisticated and appealing. Beginning with service industry outline, this course discusses relevant management topics including consumption behavior, service positioning, service design, demand management, field management, communication mix, pricing, delivery, personnel management, relationship management, and negligence recovery. The above content further assisted with pertinent case studies deepen students’ understanding of the basic concepts of service marketing in a systematic way.

MBEE02 Business Model Analysis and Design (1.5 credits)

Business model (BM) is a deal structure between enterprises and stakeholders built to maximize corporate value. This course elaborates innovative ideas about BM, offers students with a complete set of BM design tools to push forward resource consolidation. In this course, the big picture of new financial order is considered to come up with the best BM in order to make better use of trade partners’ resources to uplift corporate value. Thanks to years of teaching and research experiences and case studies from companies, the students will enjoy the most updated and original course content.

MBEE03 Innovation Management and Start-up (1.5 credits)

None business leader could afford to neglect mass entrepreneurship and innovation, which, as China’s state strategy, is not only the engine for China’s future growth and transformation, but also the lifeline for global economy. Senior executives have to be innovative and far-sighted to gain insight into future trends of industrial development and technological evolution in order to keep ahead. This course provides theories, concepts, tools and practices required by entrepreneurship and innovation to students, replacing their conventional mindsets with innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.

MBEE04 Service Team Building and Leadership (1.5 credits)

Compared with manufactures, service providers are more demanding for building and leading high-performance team, for that customer satisfaction not only depends on enterprises but more on effective interpersonal relationship. Oriented at improving service quality and customer satisfaction, this course introduces know-how of team building including team spirit, target setting, team formation, the role and selection of team, team leadership, team communication, and internal conflicts and coordination of the team.

MBEE05 Corporate Governance and Investment Management (1.5 credits)

Corporate governance refers to a mechanism that guides and manages enterprises to implement the responsibilities of corporate managers and protect the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders and the interests of other stakeholders. Its main connotations are to enable enterprises to control and design through legal check and balance, to effectively monitor their organizational activities in an organizational system that is separate from corporate operations, and how to improve their organizational operations to prevent business malpractice to achieve the high goal of corporate social responsibility.

MBEE06 Listing, Acquiring and Restructuring (1.5 credits)

This course presents the most decisive strategies for corporate performance, namely M&A, asset stripping, vertical merger, diversified development of new business, instructing how to make right decisions as senior executives. It is not easy to enhance the corporate value, and the course will facilitate managers to create sustainable value through focusing on the following topics of balance between resource and capability, vertical and horizontal boundary setting, diversification, business organization, organizational planning and corporate governance.

MBEE07 Brand Management and Innovation (1.5 credits)

This course addresses how to understand and solve brand problems for contemporary enterprises from the perspective of organizational strategy. Brand can’t afford to be overlooked in the brand economy featuring good taste and individuality, by reason that brand innovation and management guarantee the outperformance and market share. As the cornerstone, brand communication is key to success, hence the Chinese enterprises have to spare no efforts to emphasize on brand communication in order to thrive in the increasingly competitive world. This course will raise students’ brand awareness to achieve brand innovation and management via brand positioning, cultural idea, and brand marketing.

MBEE08 Service Design and Quality Management (1.5 credits)

In the service-driven new economy and the Internet age holding high experience and value, how to get ahead of customers and be more considerate as to come up with satisfying services? The question will be answered by this course, which starts from the nature of service, expounds interpersonal relationship, service ecology, experience, and proposition, and winds up by highlighting service quality, customer satisfaction management and questionnaire for service quality, forming a complete loop of service management system.

MBEE 09 Lectures on Business Latest Topics I (3 credits)

It is considered that students will witness, during the EMBA program, the changes, new technology, emerging business model, or another economic black swan incident. This course is designed in particular for that purpose by inviting concerned experts, scholars or insiders to present students with latest knowledge or challenge.

MBEE10 Lectures on Business Latest Topics II (3 credits)

It is considered that students will witness, during the EMBA program, the changes, new technology, emerging business model, or another economic black swan incident. This course is designed in particular for that purpose by inviting concerned experts, scholars or insiders to present students with latest knowledge or challenge.

MBEE11 Leadership Improvement: Personal Development Workshop (1.5 credits)

In this course, by use of sandplay, students practice team leadership in a simulation environment to better understand the key elements, priorities, and difficulties of team leadership. With the skills and tactics learned here, students will boost leadership management, solve relevant problems, explore improvement approaches, and enhance operational performance.

MBEE12 Team Management: Action Learning Workshops (1.5 credits)

In action workshop, a Gordian knot is contributed by each participant, who is then allocated to team up with others to solve unfamiliar problems. During the process, all members try their best to tackle problems through brainstorming, supporting, and sharing. Practices tell the success of the workshop, recognized as action learning.

MBEE13 Commercial Wargame Simulation (1.5 credits)

With tools like sand table and based on rules extracted from internal and external corporate environment, a batch of competing teams formed by students operate respective virtual company for simulated 5-6 years as to get themselves immersed in lifelike business battlefield of market analysis, strategy making, marketing planning, manufacturing, and financial management. The course not only inspires students to be innovative to apply know-how to actual problems, but also sparks their interest in learning and deepen their understanding of management.

MBEE14 Innovation and Management in Cross Cultural Background (3 credits)

During the study tour course, quality overseas university partner will be selected as needed to allow students to study abroad and appreciate the latest business insights from world-class professors.

MBEE15 International Benchmarking Study (1.5 credits)

This course is designed to visit some selected first-class cross-border service providers which are based on Macau.

MBEE16 Interdisciplinary Seminars (3 credits)

This course is developed to meet the interdisciplinary demand especially for sinology, philosophy, and art. Renowned scholars and professors in these fields will be invited to hold seminars for students.

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