Course Description

Foundation Courses

MBBZ04 Accounting (3 credits)
An introduction to accounting for non-accounting professionals. Topics covered include core concepts of financial reporting, the “translation” process from transactions to accounting information, end-of-period adjustments, and financial statements analysis.

MBBZ05 Finance (3 credits)
Introductory course in financial management. Topics include valuation of cash flow streams (PV of cash flow streams, annuities, and perpetuities); valuation of bonds; valuation of stocks using dividend discount model; capital budgeting decisions (NPV, IRR, payback); capital structure; estimation of cost of debt and equity; WACC, and dividend policy.

MBBZ06 Marketing Management (3 credits)
This course aims to introduce the basic marketing principles and their application in real business situations. It covers the analysis of market opportunities, selection of target markets, development of the marketing mix and management of the marketing effort. Emphasis comprises the entire marketing program in order to develop the basic skills required to make optimal marketing decisions.

MBBZ07 Operations Management (3 credits)
This course emphasizes processes. We will discuss what is process, and how to describe a process with a flow diagram. We will also learn to measure key process parameters like capacity and lead time, and to improve a process through approaches like finding and removing bottlenecks or better division of the work among the people involved in the process.

MBBZ08 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
This course aims to provide students with a conceptual and theoretical approach to understand the employees’ behavior in the organization. The primary focus will be on gaining a better understanding of the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations. It facilitates students with the knowledge and skills required to diagnose different behavioral situations, and the necessary techniques in influencing and controlling the behavior of employees in the achievement of individual and organizational effectiveness. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on examining how the theoretical concepts relate to the day-to-day operations of a business and to our future (or current) career.

MBBZ11 Research Methodology (3 credits)
The major contents of this course are how to design researches, quantitative research methods, and qualitative research methods.

MBBZ13 Strategic Management (3 credits)
This course introduces the methods used by enterprises to make long-term plans, and to establish development strategies and policies. Content includes enterprise environment and problem analysis, value chain analysis, competitive advantage and disadvantage analysis, advisable strategies (growth, integration and diversification), and internal policy-making.

MBBZ14 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics (3 credits)
This course mainly discusses the fundamentals of corporate social responsibility and ethics, and the topics of choices and decisions of business ethics, employment rights, professional privacy protection, etc. It will focus on the ethical issues involved in management, guide students to understand and discuss related ethical issues and guidelines through practical cases, and propose corresponding solutions. The course will be conducted with lectures, case discussions, and group reports.

Major Courses

Major: Finance

MBBF01 Advanced Corporate Finance (3 credits)
Cases are used to study advanced capital budgeting; estimating cost of capital; leasing; capital structure decision; merger and acquisition and valuation of corporations.

MBBF02 Financial Derivatives (3 credits)
Concepts, valuation and application of options and futures. Topics include: interest rate futures and options; valuation of options using Black-Scholes and computational techniques; options and futures strategies; interest rate swaps; currency options, futures and swaps; understanding exotic options.

MBBF03 Investment (3 credits)
An introduction to concepts and tools in investment analysis. Topics covered include: the basics of investment, efficient market hypothesis, portfolio analysis, risk return trade off, arbitrage pricing theory, the valuation of common stocks, various fixed-income markets and instruments, and investment performance evaluations.

MBBF04 Financial Markets and Institutions (3 credits)
Organization and functions of money and capital markets; financial institutions; and markets for various securities, such as government and corporate bonds, and mortgage securities.

MBBF05 Lasted Topics on Finance (3 credits)
The MBA project takes into account the many changes in the real business world, new technologies, new business models, new economic black swan events, etc., which are likely to appear during the student's term. Therefore, this module is specially set up in this project. Financial experts, scholars and industry professionals will be invited to start classes at the school to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge or business challenges.

Major: Business Management

MBBE01 Service Marketing (3 credits)
In view of the recent emergence of the modern service-centred economies, this course is to acquaint students with the unique characteristics of services and their marketing implications. Students will understand the problems and challenges facing a service marketer, the frameworks for developing a service marketing strategy, the applications of these frameworks and concepts. It also serves to integrate what students have learnt in previous courses through comprehensive case studies, role-play exercises, and group projects.

MBBE02 Brand Management (3 credits)
This course examines the broad topic of brand equity and brand management. The focus will be on exploring and understanding the importance of brands, what brands mean to consumers, and how they should be managed. This course addresses some important branding decisions faced by firms and organizations. Many critical and practical issues concerning brand image, brand association, brand extension, brand premium, brand proliferation, brand naming, and brand revitalization and so on will be deeply discussed.

MBBE03 Advanced Human Resources Management (3 credits)
The course aims to introduce students to the theories and concepts that underpin the strategies used by organizations to enhance the productive potential of the workforce as well as the satisfaction of their needs. The course intends to make students acquire the conceptual background for understanding contemporary human resource issues and the competencies to address specific human resource problems.

MBBE04 Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
This course focuses on (1) how to assess the appropriate level of supply flexibility for a given industry and (2) explore strategies for economically increasing a firm’s supply flexibility, with quantitative and qualitative methods.

MBBE05 Lasted Topics on Business Management (3 credits)
The MBA project takes into account the many changes in the real business world, new technologies, new business models, new economic black swan events, etc., which are likely to appear during the student's term. Therefore, this module is specially set up in this project. Experts, scholars and industry professionals in business management will be invited to start classes at the school to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge or business challenges.

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