Bachelor in Acting Course Description

Core Course

BAAZ01 Introduction to Acting(3 Credits)

The course introduces the creative theories of performing arts, including the creative principles, methods, techniques, and applications of creation with its specialization in theory and practice. It aims to motivate students’ creativity and lay the foundation for graduation projects.

BAAZ02 Scriptwriting(3 Credits)

The course introduces the essential elements and effective structure of scriptwriting, such as the beginning, middle, closing, construction, conflict, and end. In particular, it explains how to use the “hook” of the plot to weave the storyline, and use accidents, plots, and significant events to shape characters and move the story forward. Based on the creative experience of sophisticated screenwriters, it also discusses the basic scriptwriting format, how to write co-authored scripts, and how to make the adaptation.

BAAZ03 World Film History(3 Credits)

This course narrates a century of film history from its birth to the development in the new media era, and from drama, documentary to avant-garde film. Also, it strives for systematic thoroughness and clarity in explaining the development trends of world films varying with time, countries, and regions.

BAAZ04 Chinese Film History(3 Credits)

The course introduces a century of film development in China, discusses the film culture in the new media era, and shows the latest trends in Chinese film development. Also, it conducts an in-depth analysis of each part of the film industry chain by integrating examples and related theories.

BAAZ05 Chinese and Western Drama(3 Credits)

The course aims to introduce the origins, cultural theory and artistic principles of Chinese drama (including traditional Chinese opera), Western drama and other dramas. It explains the history and development of Chinese and Western dramas. Also it assists students in appreciating masterpieces and performances by analyzing factors such as historical background, cultural differences, representative figures and aesthetic cognition.

BAAZ06 Casting Technique(3 Credits)

The course aims to comprehensively instruct, and help students to acquire the basic skills of role analysis and shaping. Through analyses of the characters in the script, and flexible interpretation of the character from self-awareness, logic, image, interests, and emotions, this courses assists students in obtaining a real sense of the character’s life, enhancing the role-building abilities, and laying the foundation for the further course training.

BAAZ07 Artists and Managers(3 Credits)

This course aims to introduce the professional functions and procedures of artists and agents. Through the analysis of classic cases and the learning of related business skills, it assists students with the understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, and the mastery of the artist market development, brand expansion and maintenance, crisis public relations of actors, and other related knowledge.

BAAZ08 Sound and Music in Film(3 Credits)

The course aims to introduce the production of film sound design. Through the learning of the principles of film music, sound effects, and software production, students will not only master and exert their creativity in the sound design, but acquire the expertise of physical acoustics, psychoacoustics, expressiveness of sound, and sound narrative.

BAAZ09 Vocalization I(3 Credits)

The course aims to instruct the basic theoretical knowledge of vocal music, introduce various singing techniques, performing art forms, and the physiological and linguistic foundations of vocal music. It assists students with such training as breathing, resonance function, and vocalization to enrich the skills of emotional expressions in music.

BAAF02/ BAAS02 Vocalization II(3 Credits)

Based on Vocalization I, the course further provides students with training in vocal music and singing techniques. It also analyzes the different vocal expressions in China and the West, and practices various styles of singing technique.

BAAF03/ BAAS03 Vocalization III(3 Credits)

This course aims to practice vocal skills at a high level further. It focuses on the analysis and interpretation of the works, and assists students in independently accomplishing qualified and large-scale vocal works.

BAAF04 Film and TV Actor's Lines I(3 Credits)

The course aims to cultivate students’ competence in controlling artistic language and acquiring the basic skills of stage language through a series of scientific and systematic training. It covers training related to the necessary skills of line, like breathing, voicing and pronunciation, which are subdivided into “belly vocal training”, “single vowel vocal training”, “consonant voicing training”, and “phoneme transition training”.

BAAF05 Film and TV Actor's Lines II(3 Credits)

This course is based on consolidating basic skills, and focuses on training technical skills, in particular the expressive ability of actors’ artistic language. It provides training on the sense of paragraph, rhythm, emphasis and stress by practicing the long tongue twisters and monologues, and the precise delivery of text understanding to the listeners.

BAAF06 Film and TV Actor's Lines III(3 Credits)

The course focuses on the training in the creation of characters and lines based on the practices of essential skills and expressions of actors’ artistic language. It also assists students in analyzing the inner conflicts of characters, and use accurate and vivid language expressions to create personalized lines of characters.

BAAF07 Film and TV Acting I(3 Credits)

The course aims to instruct basic theories and practical knowledge of acting by offering the fundamental training to establish the correct and basic concepts of performance in film and television creation, and to lay the foundation for the role creation. This course covers, but not limited to, the training of five senses, animal simulation, imagination, creative attention, perception, rhythm and competence in expression.

BAAF08 Film and TV Acting II(3 Credits)

The course, as an advanced phase in acting, aims to instill theoretical and practical knowledge of improvisation. It conducts observation and other training in the form of sketches. In order to master the techniques of shaping the external image of characters, students are required to plan and rehearse the sketches in class by observing the characters and events in real life,

BAAF09 Film and TV Acting III(3 Credits)

The course is a high-level course in acting, and mainly instills how to create clips and perform original clips, as well as training methods. It lays a solid foundation for shaping the character. Also it helps students get familiar with the scientific method of analyzing scripts and characters, use direct or indirect sources of real-life to create and modify original scripts, and master the techniques to shape the character and the sense of the acting genre.

BAAF10 Body Movement I(3 Credits)

This basic course mainly instructs and trains students in physical elasticity, body flexibility, openness, and offers basic training to improve or change students’ physique. It covers a variety of dance styles including ballet, classical dance, modern dance, and other styles.

BAAF11 Body Movement II(3 Credits)

The course, as an advanced stage in body movement, integrates physical teaching with acting, and re-establishes the “physical performance” which refers to the use of body movements to shape characters, and is the most fundamental expertise that a qualified actor should possess. The proficiency in body movements is the precondition for students to create a vivid and full-fledged character to meet the requirements and goals of teaching.

BAAF12 Film and TV Image Design(3 Credits)

The course focuses on the special effects of film and television special makeup, and integrates makeup and clothing. It strengthens students’ application of character modeling in practice, and improves their all-inclusive control of the clothing, makeup, and hairstyle through project training.

BAAF13 Film and TV Performance Case Study(3 Credits)

The course aims to instill the theoretical knowledge related to performing arts. Building on the training of basic qualities, it helps students gain a real sense of film and television creation, and lays the foundation for character creation. This course includes, but not limited to, training in creative attention, imagination, perception, rhythm and expression.

BAAS04 Stage Actor's Lines I(3 Credits)

This course aims to train students’ basic skills of the line in stage performance. From the physiological and physical perspectives of human speech, it explains the appropriate ways of speech in lines and related physiological techniques. Also, this course covers the basic training of breathing, sounds and pronunciation of stage language, as well as the supplement of comprehensive training.

BAAS05 Stage Actor's Lines II(3 Credits)

The course emphasizes the nature of stress, pause and intonation, and their function, uniqueness, application and related issues. It covers the training of techniques in language and voice variations, cries and laughs on stage, use and variation of breathing.

BAAS06 Stage Actor's Lines III(3 Credits)

The course introduces the characteristics of stage language, the basic techniques of performing character lines, and their application in different styles and themes.

BAAS07 Stage Acting I(3 Credits)

This course aims to cultivate students’ interaction with the audience on the stage. It not only strengthens their basic skills in performing, but responds to the audience’s reactions and needs.

BAAS08 Stage Acting II(3 Credits)

The course guides students to figure out the stage acting lines and character design, and how to show characters’ features like personality or psychological activity in exaggerated ways.

BAAS09 Stage Acting III(3 Credits)

The course guides students to imitate the potential characters in real life, and make them accepted by the audience and consistent with the stage space and time. The audience’s emotional release is achieved by substantiating their inner illusion.

BAAS10 Stage Image Design(3 Credits)

The course highlights the knowledge and basic principles of stage makeup. Students will grasp the aesthetic characteristics of various makeup techniques, and have an accurate understanding of each method’s application, performance, and effect traits, which provides the basis to conceive, organize and anticipate the visual beauty of stage characters in the works.

BAAS11 Stage Body Movement(3 Credits)

The course aims to instruct the techniques in stage body movement which refers to the use of weapons and props in action clips of genre movies, television series or dramas, and cover the training of body, movement, and physique in costume films.

BAAS12 Stage Design(3 Credits)

The course cultivates and practices students’ comprehensive design skills in architecture, landscape, lighting, modeling, color, materials, and structure based on their understanding of theater and drama environment, atmosphere, emotions, movements, directors, costumes, makeup and other related issues.

BAAS13 Stage Performance Case Study(3 Credits)

The course through a detailed analysis of stage performance expounds the core principles of story creation based on explaining terms and introducing background.

Elective Course

BAAE01 Selected Reading of World Literature(3 Credits)

The course introduces several world literary masterpieces including four major categories like poetry, novel, drama, and prose. It will motivate students’ creative inspiration, and benefit their creation by discussing the appreciation methods and the writing techniques of famous writers, and explaining the writers’ biographies, content outlines, and works appreciation.

BAAE02 Audience Analysis(3 Credits)

The course not only introduces a variety of methods in audience analysis but presents the purposes, principles, and methods of obtaining, developing, publishing, arranging, and evaluating program contents across different digital media platforms such as commercial radio, cable television networks, public broadcasting, the Internet, etc.

BAAE03 Visual Storytelling(3 Credits)

The course mainly introduces the basic knowledge of film and television narrative, the conventional paradigm of film and television narration, the narrative strategies and types of classic Hollywood feature films, the classification and aesthetic characteristics of genre and documentary films, as well as film psychology and audience aesthetics. It assists students in learning the basic methods and approaches of film narrative characteristics, narrative techniques, and skills, and apply them to film and television creation.

BAAE04 Audio-Visual Language(3 Credits)

The course mainly systematically explains the content and framework of the audiovisual language. It introduces the concepts of audiovisual language, expression techniques and technical development including scene division and function, axis concept and rule, light classification and characteristics, and essential elements of sound.

BAAE05 Performance Art of Film and Television(3 Credits)

The course mainly introduces the theoretical foundation and methods of scheduling in drama and film performance. It assists students in arranging positions and switching physical movements through the combination of actor figure, actor and actor, actor and stage scene to form an artistic language. Therefore, achieve the effects of character portrayal, character relationship display, drama conflict delivery, and exaggerated rhythm and atmosphere, for a better expression of script lines and stage language.

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