Administrative Staff

Name Position E-mail
Han San Ping Honorary Dean ---
Jean. Jacques Annaud Honorary Dean ---
Yin Hong Dean [email protected]
Zhang Lin Ming Assistant Director [email protected]
Hou Ren Jie Administrative Staff [email protected]
Wei Ling Administrative Staff [email protected]
Pang Pei Qi Administrative Staff [email protected]

Academic Staff

Name Position E-mail
Zhang Zhi Qing Professor [email protected]
Yin Hong Professor [email protected]
Zhang Lin Ming Associate Professor [email protected]
Meng Xiao Qing Associate Professor [email protected]
Chiang Siu Ling Assistant Professor [email protected]
Luo Le Assistant Professor [email protected]
Li Hao Assistant Professor [email protected]
Li Jia Qi Assistant Professor [email protected]
Hu Bin Assistant Professor [email protected]
Huang Ying Assistant Professor [email protected]
Yang Yu Fei Assistant Professor [email protected]
Wang Fu Gang Lecturer [email protected]
Cheong Nga Wun Lecturer [email protected]

Part-time/Distinguished Guest /Guest

Name Position Introduction
Xie Fei Distinguished Guest Professor Chinese film director
Feng Xiao Gang Distinguished Guest Professor Chinese film director, screenwriter and actor
Si Ruo Distinguished Guest Professor Tenured Professor, School of Journalism and Communicatin, Tsinghua University 
Yu Dong Guest Professor Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bona Film Group Limited. Chinese film producer
Li Shao Hong Guest Professor Chinese film director
Sun Xiang Hui Guest Professor Director of China Film Archive
Li Xun Guest Professor Researcher of China Film Art Researcher Center
Lu Hong Shi Guest Professor Deputy Director of China Movie Channel
Bian Liu nian Guest Professor Chinese musician & composer
Zhu Hai Guest Professor Chinese poet and composer
Li Tao Guest Associate Professor Director of the Business Development Department of China Film Archive
Li Yu Guest Associate Professor Director of China Film Art Research Center
Zhang Han Yu Senior Film Art Instructor Chinese Actor. Voice Actor


Name Position E-mail
Shi Chuan Visiting Professor [email protected]
Li Dao Xin Visiting Professor [email protected]
Liang Ming Visiting Professor [email protected]
Yang Lin Visiting Professor [email protected]
Jin Gui Rong Visiting Professor [email protected]
Pan Ruo Jian Visiting Professor [email protected]
Xing Hong Wen Visiting Professor [email protected]
Yang Qing Qing Visiting Associate Professor [email protected]
Wu Bing Visiting Associate Professor [email protected]
Liu Fan Visiting Associate researcher [email protected]
Zhong Ming Qiang Visiting Lecturer [email protected]

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Doctor of Philosophy in Digital Media
Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media
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