Master of Management in Film Industry Course Description

Core Courses

MAMZ01 Financial Management for Film and New Media (3 Credits)

This course is an introduction of the basic concepts and theories of the financial management for film and new media, like the analysis and evaluation of different types of budgeting and capital-raising, and the profitability of individual media projects. After taking this course, students can be familiar with varied parts of the film industry, like the production, marketing, distribution, risk-control, and fund-raising. Therefore they can offer professional analyses, ensure the quality of film making and the following post-production together with promotion, and help realize both the artistic and commercial value of films.

MAMZ02 Film Promotion and Distribution (3 Credits)

This course is about the basic theories and methods of film distribution, like the distribution of film and other media products in traditional and non-traditional markets. The concept and techniques of sales used by US film companies and some low-budget films will be discussed. In the meantime, this course covers the recent development of film promotion and how it has been changed with the popularity of internet.

MAMZ03 Film and Law (3 Credits)

This course is a general overview of the contract law and its influence on the film industry. Media (film, television, radio, records and live performances) related laws will be talked about, covering the contract, intellectual property rights, copyright, injury compensation, celebrity effects (including celebrity privacy and image rights), talent agents, drafts and ethics. After taking this course, students will know how to protect these Intellectual property rights, entertainment and cultural property rights and technical property rights of media workers.

MAMZ04 Script Analysis for the Producer (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of skills of script analysis and help improve students’ abilities to appreciate creative and valuable works. Details of film production management and communication skills will be talked about in accordance with the production processes, including the preparatory, pre-production, film-shooting, post-production, and distribution. Therefore students can learn how to analyze and understand the script from the point of view of film makers and provide deep and wholesome analyses of and discussions on many points, like the intentions of script writers, the social historical backgrounds of composition, dialogues, writing techniques, characters and plots.

MAMZ05 Case Studies in Film Production and the Market (3 Credits)

This course covers the duties, behavioral and moral standards of film staff, together with the basic theories of film management and human resource management. Cases studies on Hollywood will be made to talk about film production and promotion, helping students learn how to analyze Asian market while improving their critical thinking and team-work spirit.

MAMZ06 Film Management (3 Credits)

This course is about basic theories like production and theater management and analysis, production strategy and operations, business operations. A comprehensive understanding of the operation and development of film companies as a reference for present Chinese film market, this course offers methods and operating skills for media management, planning, production management and publicity.

Elective Courses

MAMM01 Independent Filmmaking (3 Credits)

This course is about the management of film production, like the preparatory, pre-production, film-shooting, post-production, and distribution, offering independent filmmaking related theories and promotion techniques. It tries to enhance the professional attitudes, knowledge and techniques of students’.

MAMM02 Media Management (3 Credits)

This course is mainly about case study and theoretical study of the fundamentals of media economy, finance and operation strategies, emphasizing media industry analysis and management skills and focusing on communication management, customer retention, media promotion, entertainment marketing, and brand strategy. Analyses of successful management modes of the international media industry will be made from a global perspective to deeply interpret the media policies in China, and to explore the major challenges in the development of Chinese media.

MAMM03 New Wave Cinema (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of the development of New Wave Cinema, like these efforts of directors, scriptwriters, staff and cast. Besides, the influence of French New Wave on films of various countries will be introduced and an objective summary of a new round of aesthetics revolution (auteur theory) will also be made.

MAMM04 Contemporary Arts (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of the recent art movements like futurism, constructivism, modernism and postmodernism, emphasizing contemporary art and its impact on the Eastern and Western culture, together with the relationship between varied ways of artistic expression and visual arts. Out of several attempts, forms and principles of beauty (visual language) are the focus and fundamental of art appreciation, with which students can analyze the usages of sound and visual effects and express their understandings.

MAMM05 Business Finance (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of film-industry related financial knowledge, like budget, statements, related financial terminology, installment, and distribution contract. It’s about key financial decision-making issues in business operations, including budgeting, financing, investment, currency, risk control, and financial derivatives of the enterprise. Case studies will also be made to figure out how to make sound investment or financing decisions in business operations

MAMM06 Documentary Studies (3 Credits)

Important past works will be selected to talked about the choices of ideas, narrative strategies, shooting techniques, and producing skills of varied kinds of documentaries, with special focus on the core concepts and rules of production. Students can get clear ideas of the documentary production process and the duties of directors’. Through the introduction of documentary history, the analysis of works and others, they can grasp the main features of documentary, master shooting skills and rules, and get a better understanding of audio-visual languages.

MAMM07 Film Globalization (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of the development of global films. It inclines to analyze the influence of Chinese films on Asian and international film production, based on present cinematic development in Hong Kong and the Greater China region. The relations between Chinese and European films will also be mentioned.

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