Bachelor in Film and Television Production Course Description

Core Course

BAFZ01 Introduction to Cinema(3 credits)

The course centers on the basic concept of the film. It introduces the relevant film theory in a concise and easy-to-understand way with the appreciation and analysis of the featured Chinese and foreign films. Its content covers the essential elements of directors, scripts, performances, audiences, and theaters; the image scheduling of audiovisual languages, editing, sound, special effects, and cultural criticism, identity, gender, and class.

BAFZ02 Fundamentals of Film and Television Photography(3 credits)

The course introduces the basic principles of photography and camera model. It assists students in mastering the various operating procedures and methods of the camera, and in learning the basic skills of film shooting and image composition by integrating the imagination and artistic ideas and a variety of modeling skills in sports, optics, light, and color.

BAFZ03 World Film History(3 credits)

The course mainly introduces the development history of world film and discusses the film culture in the era of new media and the latest trends of world film development. It not only vertically sorts out the clues in film development but horizontally conducts an in-depth analysis of each part of the film industry chain. Starting from the theory of history, it provides a detailed and comprehensive artistic analysis of essential film genres, film creation movements, various film phenomena, and famous film artists from different countries and of different periods. In particular, this course delineates the history of the world’s film art development with the foci on the influential and representative artistic styles, creative techniques, and their changing processes.

BAFZ04 Chinese Film History(3 credits)

The course mainly introduces the development history of Chinese film. It systematically combines the multi-dimensional system of film art and film industry into a comprehensive account, and introduces the development and changes of Chinese film. This course sketches out a clear evolution of Chinese film history through a meticulous exposition and interpretation of works and film phenomena at its different stages.

BAFZ05 Audio-Visual Language(3 credits)

The course introduces the basic knowledge and constituent elements of the film, and analyzes film art skills. Starting with the essential elements of the film, it explains the artistic characteristics of the visual components including light, color, and composition. Then this course discusses the strength and interrelationship among important aspects of audiovisual languages ​​such as scenes, montages, long shots, scene scheduling, shot assembly, rhythm, and sound to help students acquire the language of film narrative.

BAFZ06 Film and Television Directing Art(3 credits)

The course aims to expound the conception of the director as the core of the director’s artistic creation. Based on the characteristics and sources of the director’s conception, it develops to an in-depth discussion of the specific conception methods such as characters, actions, screen space, and time.

BAFZ07 Editing and Post-Production(3 credits)

The course aims to introduce the basic theory of editing and the principles of film special effects. It provides students with the training on film post-production technology through the study and practice of editing and special effects software.

BAFZ08 Artists and Managers(3 credits)

This course aims to introduce the professional functions and procedures of artists and agents. Through the analysis of classic cases and the learning of related business skills, it assists students with the understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, and the mastery of the artist market development, brand expansion, and maintenance, crisis public relations of actors and other related knowledge.

BAFZ09 Screenwriting(3 credits)

The course aims to introduce the standard format of the script, and how to shape the characters, refine the theme of the script, design the dramatic actions, establish the structure of the script and modify the script. Also, it covers the writing of the second act, construction of the character arc, setting of the secondary plot, and using the subtext to write the ending, which provides students with a complete, standard, and professional screenwriting procedure.

BAFZ10 Sound and Music in Film(3 credits)

The course aims to introduce the production of film sound design. Through the learning of the principles of film music, sound effects, and software production, students will master the process of sound design, exert creativity in sound design, and acquire the expertise of physical acoustics, psychoacoustics, expressiveness of sound, and sound narrative.

BAFZ11 Film and Television Genres Analysis(3 credits)

The course mainly introduces the development and characteristics of film genres including comedy, adventure, fantasy, suspense, thriller, documentary, war, western, romance, drama, horror, action, science fiction, musical, family, crime films, etc. It analyzes these films’ formation and development from the perspectives of market audiences, politics, modernity, female images, societal culture, and how these elements are applied in film creation.

BAFZ12 Special Topic in Film and TV Production (1): Documentary Production(6 credits)

The course introduces the basic definition and narrative techniques of documentary films. Through the content relevant to topic selection, narrative strategies, shooting techniques, production skills, and other related topics, this course systematically and comprehensively describes the writing issues involved in the production of documentaries, and discusses the theory and practice of making documentaries by providing students with the perspective of video story.

BAFZ13 Special Topic in Film and TV Production (2): New Media and Short Film Production(6 credits)

This course mainly introduces a variety of topics relevant to new media platforms including operation positioning, content output, video production, fans attraction and inbound marketing, marketing promotion, correlation matrix, in-depth review, and profit monetization. It assists students in understanding the characteristics of video contents in different new media carriers and their stylized performance.

BAFZ14 Special Topic in Film and TV Production (3): Advertisement Production(6 credits)

The course introduces the complete procedure of advertisement production from order taking, creative, filming to post-production. It aims to cultivate students' practical abilities including creative thinking, planning, creation, shooting, post-editing methods, primary process, performance skills and techniques of film and television advertising production, etc.

BAFZ15 Film and TV Production Workshop-Entry Level(6 credits)

The course mainly introduces visual communication from the aspects of history, physiology, perception, and cognition. Also, it discusses some necessary skills for valid graphic expression and communication.

BAFZ16 Film and TV Production Workshop-Medium Level(6 credits)

The course mainly provides a broad understanding of human communication behaviors. It focuses on analyzing and understanding how communication behaviors occur and evolve, and explores how humans interact with the surrounding and cultural environments to establish self-behavior through communication.

BAFZ17 Film and TV Production Workshop-Advanced Level(6 credits)

The course focuses on interactions between media and society, reproduction and alienation of ideology and societal culture in the media, and construction of the public sphere.

Elective Course

BAFE01 Visual Storytelling(3 credits)

The course mainly introduces the basic knowledge of film and television narrative, the conventional paradigm of film and television narration, the narrative strategies and types of classic Hollywood feature films, the classification and aesthetic characteristics of genre and documentary films, as well as film psychology and audience aesthetics. It assists students in learning the basic methods and approaches of film narrative characteristics, narrative techniques, and skills, and apply them to film and television creation.

BAFE02 Audience Analysis(3 credits)

The course not only introduces a variety of methods in audience analysis but presents the purposes, principles, and methods of obtaining, developing, publishing, arranging, and evaluating program contents across different digital media platforms such as commercial radio, cable television networks, public broadcasting, the Internet, etc.

BAFE03 Performance Art of Film and Television(3 credits)

The course mainly introduces the theoretical foundation and methods of scheduling in drama and film performance. It assists students in arranging positions and switching physical movements through the combination of actor figure, actor and actor, actor and stage scene to form an artistic language. Therefore, achieve the effects of character portrayal, character relationship display, drama conflict delivery, and exaggerated rhythm and atmosphere, for a better expression of script lines and stage language.

BAFE04 Animation Design(3 credits)

The elementary course starts with a basic introduction to the environment which assists learners to get familiar with the environment and interface, and then operate the software to produce fantastic works. It aims to discuss the use of 2D or 3D software for modeling, animation, lighting, materials, rendering and post-compositing, and other solutions for film and architecture.

BAFE05 Selected Reading of World Literature(3 credits)

The course introduces several world literary masterpieces including four major categories like poetry, novel, drama, and prose. It will motivate students’ creative inspiration, and benefit their creation by discussing the appreciation methods and the writing techniques of famous writers, and explaining the writers’ biographies, content outlines, and works appreciation.

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