Master of Film Production Course Description

Core Courses

MAPZ01 Film Production I (3 Credits)

This course is for students to learn about professional film skills by divisions and the use of equipment. Fundamentals of varied divisions will be taught like screenwriting, producer, director, photography, lighting, art design, sound effects and editing. Students can learn professional knowledge while practicing their organizational abilities and team-work spirit.

MAPZ02 World Cinema History (3 Credits)

This course is to analyze the development of theme, genre and style in film history and related theories. The evolvement of the film industry, excellent works, films schools and trends, and representative figures will all be introduced to let students get a general idea of film art and its impact on culture and society.

MAPZ03 Film Production II (3 Credits)

Based on Film Production I, this course will give further analysis of film languages and explore film aesthetics of varied genres in the production process to offer students advanced professional knowledge. It intends to help students to be more creative and skillful in making genre films. In the meantime, the difference between traditional and digital films will be discussed to provide then with latest film-related technologies. Therefore they can be good at theoretical analysis, planning, and project development.

MAPZ04 Critical Issues on Film Theory (3 Credits)

This course covers the core theories and methodologies in film studies, like realism, authorship, ideology, film modernism, Third World cinema, psychoanalysis, feminist film analysis, postmodernism and orientalism. Therefore students can get a general idea of film theories and schools, and use them to appreciate internationally renowned directors and their works, figuring out technical elements of film production.

MAPZ05 Script Writing I (3 Credits)

This course is about the concepts and techniques of script writing, like ideas and basic composition skills. Case studies will be made on emphases like story construction, characters, language, theme, structure, and layout. It helps students to learn the core elements of screenwriting and figure out the differences between that and other art forms, a process full of pain and gain.

MAPZ06 Script Writing II (3 Credits)

Based on Script Writing I, this course will emphasize the creative exploration of film language to enhance the plot. Scripts of classical films will be analyzed for students to learn its structure, characters, dialogue, meaning and style. Also famous movie clips will be chosen to show them the core elements of originality and improve their script-writing skills.

Elective Courses

MAPE01 Contemporary Arts (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of the recent art movements like futurism, constructivism, modernism and postmodernism, emphasizing contemporary art and its impact on the Eastern and Western culture, together with the relationship between varied ways of artistic expression and visual arts. Out of several attempts, forms and principles of beauty (visual language) are the focus and fundamental of art appreciation, with which students can analyze the usages of sound and visual effects and express their understandings.

MAPE02 Documentary Studies (3 Credits)

Important past works will be selected to talked about the choices of ideas, narrative strategies, shooting techniques, and producing skills of varied kinds of documentaries, with special focus on the core concepts and rules of production. Students can get clear ideas of the documentary production process and the duties of directors’. Through the introduction of documentary history, the analysis of works and others, they can grasp the main features of documentary, master shooting skills and rules, and get a better understanding of audio-visual languages.

MAPE03 New Wave Cinema (3 Credits)

This course is a general introduction of the development of New Wave Cinema, like these efforts of directors, scriptwriters, staff and cast. Besides, the influence of French New Wave on films of various countries will be introduced and an objective summary of a new round of aesthetics revolution (auteur theory) will also be made.

MAPE04 World Literature I (3 Credits)

This course is about Greek tragedies and selected western novels, to use the writing skills of famous artists to inspire students. Such reading experience can make them familiar with the ideas and practices of ancient Greek and Western works and form their value systems accordingly with rich and broad humanistic background.

MAPE05 World Literature II (3 Credits)

This course is to use Asian classics to help students improve their understanding of literary skills and have more care and respect for people and life. Through these classics, they can know Asian culture more comprehensively with a broader humanistic vision of life.

MAPE06 Media Management (3 Credits)

This course is mainly about case study and theoretical study of the fundamentals of media economy, finance and operation strategies, emphasizing media industry analysis and management skills and focusing on communication management, customer retention, media promotion, entertainment marketing, and brand strategy. Analyses of successful management modes of the international media industry will be made from a global perspective to deeply interpret the media policies in China, and to explore the major challenges in the development of Chinese media.

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