Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Course Introduction

Core Course

BADZ01  Sketching Basics and Design(3 Credits)

The course focuses on the training of sketch basics, including contour, light and shade, composition capture, texture, texture expression, and other painting skills. Its contents range from a variety of drawing techniques (such as charcoal pens, pencils, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, pastels, markers, and stylus pens) to the expressions of basic patterns including light and shadow, texture, somatosensation, and weight. This course helps students gain a basic understanding of the design, cultivates their ability to observe, shape, evaluate and select, and enables them to understand the use of essential design tools, performance techniques, and basic design principles, which are achieved by practical experience. 

BADZ02  Composition and Color(3 Credits)

The course aims to develop students’ ability to appreciate and apply color through the training of color theory and practice. Students will understand the color’s origin and combination, the principle of color composition and color aesthetics, and other related theories,

BADZ03  Animal Anatomy for Artists(3 Credits)

The course aims to construct and practice the knowledge of the anatomical structures of different animals due to the commonality of animals’ expression in plastic arts. 

BADZ04  Photography(3 Credits)

The course introduces the basic knowledge and practical application of photography and digital photography. It focuses on historical culture, visual aesthetics, light and shadow forms, tool techniques, theme creativity, and work presentation. This course covers the history of photography and literature, the nature and visual language of photography, light and forms of light and shadow, studios and lighting equipment, digital cameras, and digital photography darkrooms.

BADZ05  Original Painting(3 Credits)

The course aims to cultivate students’ independence in creating through the weekly training of different original paintings based on their understanding of the design of the original painting in different styles of games and animations. The original painting design, as a part of digital content design, is widely used in games, animation, marketing, and interaction design, in particular related to character performance, character sketching, style practice, and original painting composition. 

BADZ06  Character and Scene Design(4 Credits)

The course systematically introduces the basic principles, conception methods, and creative skills of animation character and scene design in the form of pictures and texts by taking contemporary and international animation designers’ viewpoints, their creative experiences and works as examples to explain. Also, students are encouraged to broaden horizons, experience more innovative and creative designs, and then get enlightenment. 

BADZ07  Flash(3 Credits)

The course aims to practice the easy-to-use 2D animation software through concise and compelling process design. It enables students to complete 2D animation and their animated textures by instilling platform introduction, theme planning, character creation, animation production, and post-production and listing process of personalized stickers. 

BADZ08  3D Max(3 Credits)

The course aims to help students get familiars with the operation and modeling concepts of 3D modeling, mapping, rendering, and cameras of 3Ds MAX due to 3D is the current digital trend. It is also compatible with the advanced courses such as computer 3D animation and computer 3D scene.

BADZ09  AE (After Effects)(3 Credits)

The course aims to train students with high proficiency in Adobe After Effect, a post-production software through basic operations and plug-in operations. Its application will make animation or movie screen more aesthetic, highlight the time background, and create a charming scene of tension. 

BADZ10  Script Plan(3 Credits)

The course introduces students to the story appreciation, story plot analysis, character modeling, and then the script rewriting since script design is mainly used to narrate the content of the entire story. Students are capable of creating scripts, understanding the script planning process, and planning the real script.

BADZ11  Introduction to Programming(3 Credits)

The course aims to help students skillfully master a variety of computing technologies, and develop the ability to solve practical problems with computational thinking.

BADZ12  Virtual and Augmented Reality(3 Credits)

The course introduces students to the main functions including its installation, release, and interface of game engine platform Unity3D. It also provides an in-depth introduction of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) development techniques, as well as other techniques like map positioning, camera, and sound playback. Students will understand how to use Unity3D to make AR / VR products, and get started to the application and development of Unity3D. 

BADZ13  Interactive Media and Multimedia(4 Credits)

The course mainly introduces the basic concepts of music basics and digital music-related application software to construct students’ basic concepts of digital music creation. Based on images and music-related cases, this course discusses and analyzes the established concepts of combining music and images. Also, it develops students’ ability to integrate visual thinking and auditory thinking in digital media through the training of sound and music acuity, and practical exercise in sound exploration and sound reception analysis. 

BADG01  Game DesignⅠ(5 Credits)

The course introduces the installation and basic interface operations of Unity 3D, the currently most widely used game engine, and the Asset Store, scene rendering, and the use of the navigation function of Unity to achieve AI effects. It enables students to understand the process of game making by analyzing famous game cases at home and abroad, and explaining the scripts, characters, and scene settings.

BADG02  Game Design II(5 Credits)

The course helps students put creative practice into the future development of the game industry. It involves the practice of cross-platform game content production, familiarization with Unity 3D software and game-related professional knowledge and processes, and carrying out augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) game production.

BADG03/ BADA03  Frontiers Lectures(4 Credits)

The course invites scholars and experts at home and abroad to give forums and lectures. It focuses on interactive teaching, encourages students to express opinions; motivates teachers and students to gain a broad understanding of design-related research fields, and discusses the methodology and academic orientations.

BADG04/ BADA04  Creative Projects(3 Credits)

The course aims to cultivate students’ creative thinking, inspire their creativity and innovative spirits through theoretical explanations, classroom participation, and internships, and then integrate all the skills into game or animation design and creation.

BADG05  Interaction Design and Technology(Game Design)(3 Credits)

The course introduces the process of interaction design, its related theories and techniques for game design, and the game release process including user research, prototype design, user testing, design concept presentation, final tested release, and marketing. It helps students understand and produce a completely interactive game design works.

BADA01  Animation Design I(5 Credits)

The course uses 2D or 3D software for modeling, animation, lighting, texture, rendering, and post-compositing in the production of film and architecture. This elementary course starts with introducing students to the environment and interface, and then go further to the software operation of producing amazing works.

BADA02  Animation Design II(5 Credits)

The course further introduces the production techniques and methods of 2D and 3D software and conducts an in-depth exploration of advanced aesthetics and practical applications such as scene design, character design, lighting, and special effects, to enhance the visual performance of animation and film works.

BADA05  Interaction Design and Technology(Animation Design)(3 Credits)

The course mainly introduces the animation design process, theory, and methods, and discusses how animation can be combined with interaction design. It covers the preparations for generating animation, including scriptwriting and script production, understanding of animation introduction, role and scene-setting methods, and the following discussions of how the current animation and three-dimensional objects can be interactively designed and applied in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

Elective Course 

BADE01  History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture(3 Credits)

The course introduces students to architectural art achievements and their unique styles in different periods of ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign countries. Also, it enables students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the development history of Chinese and Western architecture, master the basic vocabulary and design techniques of Chinese and Western architectural design, and lay the foundation for future design.

BADE02  Film Appreciation and Criticism(3 Credits)

The course aims to improve students’ competence of film and art appreciation through the learning of film review, and the training of review methods and critical thinking skills.

BADE03  Motion Graphic Design(3 Credits)

The course aims to introduce the basic concepts, principles, and methods of digital image processing. Students will learn the applications of digital image preprocessing, feature extraction and analysis, and statistical pattern recognition.

BADE04  Computer Graphics and Visualization in Technology(3 Credits)

The course outlines the underlying theory and technical methods of computer graphics. It mainly introduces the representation and modeling of three-dimensional shapes, the three-dimensional shape observation pipeline, line/surface hiding technology, the principle of lighting models, ray tracing algorithms, and virtual reality technology.

BADE05  Artificial Intelligence(3 Credits)

The course outlines the basic concepts and techniques of artificial intelligence. It mainly introduces a brief history of artificial intelligence development, problem-solving, expression and reasoning, knowledge-based systems, artificial intelligence language, intelligent technology and intelligent systems, and other topics.

BADE06  Introduction to Arts(3 Credits)

The course aims to introduce the nature and system of art, the content and form of artworks, the methods of art appreciation, the theory of art development, the process of art creation, and critical techniques.

BADE07  Mobile Game Development(3 Credits)

The course introduces students to different design methods and technical barriers through learning different types of mobile games, such as embedded games, short message games, and browser games. It also analyzes the current hardware platform and basic software, and interprets the mobile life cycle of mobile games and business operations related to publishing and marketing.

BADE08  Audio-Visual Language(3 Credits)

The course introduces the necessary knowledge and constituent elements of the film, and analyzes film art skills. Starting with the basic elements of the movie, it assists students in acquiring the language of film narrative by analyzing the artistic characteristics of the visual components including light, color, composition, and discussing further the performance and interrelationship of important aspects of audiovisual languages ​​such as scenes, montages, long shots, scene scheduling, shot assembly, rhythm, and sound. 

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