Doctor of Philosophy of Management in Film Industry Course Description

Core Courses

DAMZ01 Special Topics in Film Management and Practice (3 credits)

This course is an introduction of the film industry, covering researches on up-to-date developments of industrial structure, together with the analyses of the strategies of project operation, capital usage, publication and marketing and the close link among all this. Interactive teaching combining case studies will be used to improve students’ theoretical abilities to explore further.

DAMZ02 Special Topics in Research Methods (3 credits)

This course is an introduction of film theories and researches. It is about the concepts, methodologies, steps of academic research, following the cutting-edge development of this field. It explores films as objects combining technical, social, cultural, political and economic influences. This course intends to teach students film theories, multi-dimensional analyses and clear speculations.

DAMZ03 Special Topics in Film Culture and Criticism (3 credits)

This course is an introduction of the historical developments, rules and trends of film cultural and criticism theories. It puts films back into the global cultural context and talks about related developments, trying to explore them as parts of the industrial, technological, artistic and media-related developments of human culture.

DAMZ04 Special Topics in Film Marketing (3 credits)

This course aims to explore the changing global market structure with the development of media-related technology and big data, and the expansion of channels of the film product. It uses cases studies of the selling of a film to help students learn the film market in China and other developed countries like the United States and try to construct the film industry chain in China featuring in “upstream development, midstream expansion, and downstream extension”.

Elective Courses

DAME01 Special Topics in Film Finance (3 credits)

This course is to use actual financing and financial operations in the film industry to talk about the economic principles and ways of thinking in the course of project operation. Problems existing in case studies will encourage students to learn more about film-related financial theories, the ways of capital raising and the abilities to improve the venture capability of the film industry,

DAME02 Special Topics in Human Resource Management in Film (3 credits)

This course provides systematic analysis of the staff arrangement the film industry from upstream to midstream and downstream. Theories and methods about staff management of each section will also be mentioned. Case studies are going to be made to talk about problems and corresponding solutions existing in varied departments, especially those new-established ones which are lack of professional workers and thus cause trouble to the development of the whole industry. This course is for students to develop strategic thinking and creative academic research capacity in the global context.

DAME03 Film and Other Arts (3 credits)

This course is about the connection and complementary between film and other art forms, like painting, sculpture, drama, photography, music, and virtual reality. Possible problems which may occur during using all this in films will also be talked about. This course will help students synthesize various arts and enhance their academic research abilities.

DAME04 European Film History (3 credits)

This course is about the development of European films and the core elements of related theories. Taking representative directors and their works for example, it covers the evolvement of each film trend and its interacting with art development and social changes. Moreover, the current problems and future prospects of European films will also be mentioned.

DAME05 American Film History (3 credits)

This course is about the development of American film from silent ones to talkie, from black and white to colored ones. Varied film trends and genres will also be mentioned. Special attention will be paid to the history and operation mechanism of Hollywood. Then this course will make case studies on representative film-makers and their works of different periods to talk about their cultural backgrounds and their influence to the American society and international development of film art, business, culture and ideology.

DAME06 Classical Film Theory (3 credits)

The course is a general introduction of film theories, like core concepts, developments and influences on later generations, especially, some major issues put forward by Arnheim, Eisenstein and other scholars. In addition, it also includes related psychological, artistic, philosophical developments. What’s more, it not only provides a significant theoritical foundation for students, but also helps them understand how these masters built, organized and spread their movie theories.

DAME07 Contemporary Film Theory (3 credits)

The course aims to introduce the core knowledge system of contemporary film theory. It focuses on the analysis of feminism, type analysis, queer theory, third world film, post-colonialism, national movie, cross-nation movie, film philosophy, market research audience research and other abstract concepts from the perspective of film scholars, creators and audiences. The course discusses about the current and latest achievements of international and domestic film aesthetics. It pays close attention to the new tendency of movie aesthetics and theory research in the environment of globalization from multiple levels. It also studies the identity and status of the contemporary Chinese film in the movie world.

DAME08 Culture, Media and Society (3 credits)

This course provides a systematic structure of attributes, characteristics and categories of the culture, media and society from the perspectives of management, sociology, psychology, communication and politics. It is for students to understand the relationship between media organization and culture or social historical background, media and strategy, and to figure out the value and effect that media have on social development.

DAME09 Cinema Chain Management (3 credits)

This course is about the development of cinemas together with the prosperity of the film industry. Special focuses are on the procedures that Chinese cinemas choose facing market competition and their brand strategy. A comparison between them and US theaters will be made to figure out their differences and similarities, and possible tactics that Chinese ones can use to cope with global competition.

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