Upcoming Events: March 15th Lectures of Film Artists (Guest speaker:Cheryl-Lee Fast)



Date: March 15th, 2018 (Thursday)

Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

Place: Room 702, Block O, Macao University of Science and Technology

Topic: The Evolving Filmmaker: Jobs in Creative Industries

Guest speaker:Professor Cheryl Lee Fast (Head of Film Production Porgram of the Shanghai Vancouver Film School)

 Sponsor: Macau Foundation


About Lectures:

Filmmaking processes and techniques have been impacted greatly by various technologies. Yet technology is not the purpose of filmmaking, communicating and relating our human condition is the main objective. It is important as a filmmaker, to represent your culture, to be able to competently identify, assess and improve your unique story telling craft skills in the context of your cultural experiences so you may communicate effectively to an international audience for more understanding.

By reviewing Hollywood organizational structures from the past and present, and by examining how technology has impacted Key film positions when in the process of making movies, we can perhaps gain insight into how we should adapt stories with cultural emphasis to an ever sophisticated modern international viewing audience with more success and acceptance.

These types of discussions and awareness can help the Filmmaker stay on message in alignment with their funder while simultaneously communicating effectively their own brand of creative artistry with more satisfaction and reward. This knowledge can improve the film industry reputation for sustainable and credible talent improving job prospects and cultural exchanges.


About guests:

Cheryl-Lee Fast is Head of Film at SHVFS on the Shanghai University Campus. Cheryl-Lee diversified from industry into Film Education over 5 years ago, to mentor emerging talent to keep the cultural exchange film industry competitive. She is also President of Fast Productions, a full pipeline Creative Producing company with experience to package creative and financial film assets with USA/European networks and studios. Cheryl-Lee also outsources her over 15 years of experience in Hollywood Talent Management with great success for her daughter Alexia Fast (who works with Oscar winning Directors). Cheryl-Lee consults with Don Fast Consulting Ltd & Associates, a Canadian Government Relations & Policy Expert for Asian business. Presently, FP is partnering and consulting with various Government and Entertainment companies in Canada, India, UAE and North America. Now Cheryl-Lee is committed to explore China stories and assist filmmakers to export them to the world.


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