October 12th-International Film Appreciation (The Seven Samurai)

Screening Time: 19:00, 12rd Oct, 2020

Venue: D-hall of MUST

Limited seats due to epidemic prevention requirements,only for students enrolled in this course.

Name: The Seven Samurai

200min| Action,Drama,Adventure |1954|Japan| Japanese

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Writers: Akira Kurosawa、Hideo Oguni、Shinobu Hashimoto

Stars:Toshiro mifune、Takashi shimura、Keiko Tsushima


The background of the story is the end of the Japanese Warring States Period. Many warriors were reduced to bandits who robbed their houses.

A village was often robbed by wild warriors. The villagers learned that the wild warriors planned to attack after the autumn harvest and they couldn't bear it, so they decided to find the warriors outside to help them resist the bandits.

The village is too poor. The only reward for the samurai is to eat white rice every day. The elders said that he would invite the "hungry samurai", but how can the hungry samurai resist the bandits? However, the villagers actually impressed the six samurai who have no vassal, and the heart and soul, and the self-proclaimed samurai Kiku Chiyo, the seven decided to defend the village. The seven warriors led the farmers to actively prepare for battle, building defenses, digging trenches, and purging the team. During this period of getting along, various contradictions between the samurai and the peasants emerged one by one and reconciled one by one. Finally, the bandit attacked. The samurai and peasants fought hard to resist the bandit, and paid a heavy price. Only three of the seven samurai survived.

After the war, the samurai left the village, and the Samurai mission Kanbingbei couldn't help but sigh: "This is also a defeat...It is not the samurai who won, but the farmers."



Silver Lion –Akira Kurosawa

Best Supporting Actor—Seiji Miyaguchi

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