Mar. 29th International Film Appreciation (Budapest Noir)

Screening time: 19:00,29th Mar, 2021

Venue: D-hall of MUST

Limited seats due to epidemic prevention requirements,only for students enrolled in this course.

NAME: Budapest Noir

95min| DramaCrime | 2017 | Hungary | Hungarian

Directed :Éva Gárdos

Writers  :Vilmos Kondor,András Szekér

Stars    :Krisztián Kolovratnik,Réka Tenki,János Kulka ,
Adél Kováts


The story takes place in Budapest in 1936. The coffin of the Hungarian prime minister was transported back from Germany, and his dream of turning Hungary into a fascist country was temporarily buried with him. Zismond Gordon, a journalist investigating criminals, has other things in his mind. A clue led him to find a crime scene in a dilapidated block of the city. A beautiful, well-dressed young woman was killed with only a Jewish prayer book on her body. In order to investigate the murder, Gordon entered a world full of pornographic writers, brothels and Communist prison cells, which were connected with the high level of power. The more people tried to scare him away, the deeper he dug. During the investigation, he did not know who to believe, let alone what forces had been against him, trying to cover up the facts.


Supported by:

Consulate General of Hungary in Hong Kong


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