Oct 28-International Film Appreciation (Champions)

Screening Time: 19:00, 28th Oct, 2019

Venue: D-hall of MUST




124 min| Comedy,Drama,Sport|2018|Spain| Spanish

Director: Javier Fesser

Writers: David Marqués

Stars: Javier GutiérrezJuan MargalloAthenea MataLuisa GavasaLuisa GavasaDaniel FreireItziar CastroMariano Llorente


This movie is inspired by Aderes team in Burjassot (Valencia), a team created with people with intellectual disabilities that won twelve Spanish championships between 1999 and 2014.

Marco Montes is the assistant coach of the basketball team CB Estudiantes. He is an arrogant man with bad manners, He is fired from his job after an altercation with his head coach during a game. After driving drunk into the back of a police car, Marco is ordered to either spend two years in prison or ninety days of community service, in the form of coaching Los Amigos, a team of people with disabilities. At first, the news aren't well received by the protagonist, due to how he looks down upon disabled people in general, calling them "subnormales", or "below normal", however, as time goes on, he'll realize everything he had yet to learn from these people.


The 33rd Goya Award for Best Film Award

The 6th Ferroz Prize Best Comedy Movie

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