September 14th-International Film Appreciation (Citizen Kane)

Screening Time: 19:00, 14th Sep, 2020

Venue: D-hall of MUST

Limited seats due to epidemic prevention requirements,only for students enrolled in this course.

Name:Citizen Kane

119min| Drama,Suspense |1941|America| English

Director: Orson·Wells

Writers: Herman·J·Mankiewicz

Stars: Orson·Wells,Joseph·Cotton,Agens·Moorehead,Dorothy·Cummingale


In 1940, a deserted manor in Chenadu, Florida, was submerged in the dark night, with only one window still lit. This is the bedroom of Charles Kane, the newspaper magnate. Kane lay peacefully on the bed, holding a glass ball crystal in his hand, flashing a marvelous view: flakes of snow falling on a farmhouse.

Kane's aging and low voice sounded in the silence: "Rose bud!" Then his hand slowly let go, the glass ball fell, and the magical snow scene inside the glass ball disappeared.

Kane was dead, so bleak, there was no family beside him except the nurse and servant.

Kane's death has busied the press. The headlines of newspapers reported his death, and there were mixed reviews of him. Some are called "patriots" and "democrats", and some call them "war mongers" and "traitors." People can't figure out what kind of person Kane is. The "rose bud" that Kane said at the end of his death aroused the interest of reporters. What is the meaning of this sentence, everyone has speculated.

The reporters decided to visit those close to Kane, those who love him, and those who hate him. I thought that the experienced editor Thompson undertook this arduous investigation mission as a reporter.


The 14th Academy Awards Best Original Screenplay  

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