Apr 19th International Film Appreciation (The Great Dictator)

Screening time: 19:00,19th Apr, 2021

Venue: D-hall of MUST

Limited seats due to epidemic prevention requirements,only for students enrolled in this course.

NAME: The Great Dictator

125min| War, Comedy,Drama | 1940 | America | English

Directed :Charlie Chaplin

Writers  :Charlie Chaplin 

Stars    :Charlie Chaplin, Jack Ake, Reginald Gardner


Charlie, a Jewish barber, was drafted into the army during the first World War and left the army because of injuries. Charles, who has lost his memory, has been living in a hospital. At this time, the great dictator Hynkel came to power. He engaged in conspiracy politics, ruled the country with iron fists and armed forces at home, and invaded and expanded abroad, trying to conquer the whole world with war. Because of Hynkel's wantonly expansion and iron policy, the war continued and the people's living standard went from bad to worse. In order to divert the anger and discontent of the general public, Hynkel tried his best to incite the people's hatred and discontent towards the Jews, leading to unprecedented disasters for the Jewish people. Even the wounded Charlie was not spared. In the face of this situation, Charlie had to flee. He and the officers who had been saved in the war were dressed in military uniforms and set foot on the road of escape. When they fled to the border, because Charlie was similar to the great dictator Hynkel, they were mistakenly regarded as their head of state Hynkel by the demannies troops stationed there. They gave him high-level courtesy and hospitality and invited him to make a speech . Forced to do so, Charles, the barber, was taken as the head of state to address the army. He could not help but make a speech to defend democracy, saying his - and the people's - Voice: "the dictator will die, and the rights they took from the people will soon be returned to the people."


13th Academy Awards - best picture (nominated) 

13th Academy Awards - Best Actor (nominated) 

13th Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actor (nominated) 

13th Academy Awards - Best Soundtrack (nominated) 

13th Academy Awards - Best Original Screenplay (nominated) 

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