About Us

Department Head
REMUS, WONG KA WENG 8897-2272 J119a [email protected]
Student Activities and Development
SHIRLEY, TAM KIT LENG 8897-1903 J102 [email protected]
PHOEBE, HAO CHI WAN 8897-1909 J102 [email protected]
SMILE, SIA SIAO RONG 8897-1905 J102 [email protected]
DAISY, HO UN HAN 8897-1906 J102 [email protected]
OSCAR, LENG FEI IEONG 8897-1900 J102 [email protected]
Dormitory and Life Experience
BOWIE, CHIO SAO I 8897-1902 J108 [email protected]
WEST, CHEN YA TAO 8897-1907 J108 [email protected]
NANA, NG LAI NA 8897-1919 J108 [email protected]
RONALD, KUT KUOK WENG 8897-1795 J108 [email protected]
CRYSTAL, HOI CHOI IENG 8897-1715 J108 [email protected]
JOEY, KOU CHONG I 8897-1796 J108 [email protected]
Student Dormitory (Block F)
GAO JING 8897-2044 Block F [email protected]
Student Dormitory (Block G)
HELEN, FU JI FANG 8897-2167 Block G [email protected]
Student Dormitory (Block L, M)
ZHANG MIAO XIAN 8897-2174 Block L [email protected]
8897-2304 Block M
Student Dormitory (Block P)
MA YAN HUA 8897-2972 Block P [email protected]
Student Dormitory (Block T)
FAN YUAN RONG 6866-2580 Block T [email protected]
HE QIU XIA [email protected]
Student Discipline and Welfare
MIKI, ZHONG MEI QI 8897-1904 J119 [email protected]
VIANN, CHEONG WAI IAN 8897-1901 J119 [email protected]
EMILY, NG KA WENG 8897-1773 J119/R102 [email protected]
PHOEBE, WONG HENG IOI 8897-1908 J119/R102 [email protected]
Psychological Counseling Services
JEAN, HE JING 8897-1912 J114 [email protected]
JOYCE, LEI UT NENG 8897-1910 J114 [email protected]
BE, NG LAI I 8897-1913 J114 [email protected]
KAROLIS, CHAN HANG SON 8897-1774 J114 [email protected]
DEBBY, LAM CHENG I 8897-1911 J114 [email protected]
JEFF, MAK CHON HIN 8897-1777 J114 [email protected]
JOE, POU MONGLOU 8897-1797 J114 [email protected]
VICKIE, CHAN IAN U 8897-1798 J114 [email protected]