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News:Students must pay attention to safety when they go out

Dear all dormitory residents,


The Spring Festival holiday is approaching. Students must pay attention to safety when they go out, and pay attention to the following advices:

◆ Back home/ travel abroad/ set out for crowded places: Students must pay attention to safety, take good care of their property, try to avoid chatting with strangers and always keep an eye on the surrounding environment.

◆ Before go to bed: Students must lock the door, so as to avoid property lose.

◆ Go out at night: Students should be accompanied and don’t go to remote areas.

◆ Go out: Students are sure to not only turn off all power and water but lock doors and windows as well, when they leave home. Meanwhile, students shall beware of accidents.

In case of emergency, please call 112. For inquiries, please contact the Student Affairs Office: (853) 88972277 or email to the Student Affairs Office at


In order to ensure the safety of dormitory residents, residents shall take the initiative to present the student ID to the dormitory management personnel when enter the dormitory. Student Affairs Office specially reminds you that dormitory security personnel will strictly inspect/ spot check the credentials (student card) of all whom in or out the dormitory started from February 6, 2017. In the event of failure to present a student card for verification of accommodation status, the security personnel of the dormitory has the right to refuse admission to the dormitory.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Student Affairs Office