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News: MUST Dormitory Residents Unite to Decorate for the Spring Festival

In order to let the dormitory residents to feel the festive atmosphere of traditional Chinese celebrations, Dormitory and Living Experience Team of the Student Affairs Office has recently prepared traditional Spring Festival decorations. Through the division of labor and cooperation among the residents, the dormitory was decorated to exude joy and a festive atmosphere welcoming the new year.


Dormitory residents decorating the dormitory

The "Traditional Chinese Calligraphy" workshop started on January 19, 2024, in On-Campus Dormitories and the Dormitory Activity Center. The workshop allowed residents to design their own unique Spring Festival couplets, unleashing their creativity by drawing favorite patterns and writing blessing phrases on the couplets, adding an extra touch of celebration to the Chinese New Year. After completion, the couplets were placed at the main door of the dormitories, bringing a strong Spring Festival atmosphere to the entire dormitory.



"Traditional Chinese Calligraphy" workshop in Dormitory Activity Center





"Traditional Chinese Calligraphy" workshop in On-Campus Dormitory

The Student Affairs Office will continue to hold various traditional Chinese festive activities, hoping that students studying abroad can experience traditional Chinese culture through dormitory activities. At the same time, it aims to increase interaction with roommates, shorten the distance between teachers and students, and enrich the dormitory living experience.