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News: On-Campus Dormitory Hold "Fire Drills" to Enhance Residents' Adaptable

In order to improve the safety awareness of dormitory residents and to enhance their ability of responding to emergencies, the Dormitory and Life Experience team of Student Affair Office has invited personnel from Fire Services Bureau to the student dormitories of Macau University of Science and Technology every year to provide guidance, so that the dormitory students can understand what to do during fire. Evacuate quickly, safely and orderly, and enhance escape awareness and skills. This year, the "Fire Alarm Drill" of 2023/2024 school year was held on the morning of November 4, 2023 (Saturday). The process went smoothly and had achieved the expected results, there were nearly 3,000 dormitory residents participated.

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Dormitory residents participated in the "fire drill" in an orderly manner

Five On-campus dormitories in Macau University of Science and Technology officially started the "fire drill" at 9:30 this morning. The drill simulated a fire in the dormitory room, and the dormitory students in the room called the university security personnel to call the police. When the fire alarm bell rings, dormitory residents must evacuate from the dormitory quickly according to the escape route and gather at the designated venue.

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Dormitory residents quickly evacuated to the assembly point

In order to maintain the safety of the campus, the "Dormitory Vanguard - Safety Inspection Team" was assumed to guide the escape routes, holding high the signs, and count the number of the residents during the "fire drill", so that the fire drills in each dormitory were successfully completed in about 10 minutes. It reflects the spirit of teamwork and serious participation among the team members and boarding students.

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"Dormitory Vanguard - Safety Inspection Tam" seriously participated in the Fire Drill

After the fire drill, representatives from the Student Affair Office, the General Affairs Office and the Fire Services Bureau held a meeting to communicate about the dormitory’s firefighting equipment, escape procedures, etc., in order to improve the ability of responding to emergencies and improve the safety awareness in the dormitory.

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Meeting with Fire Services Bureau representatives

The dormitory residents who participated in the "Fire Drill" believed that the prior explanation of the "Fire Drill" would fully enable them to understand the safety knowledge which they need to know about the fire, and can help them become familiar with the fire escape routes and escape techniques. At the same time, the activity also improved one's daily fire prevention awareness, which is of great help to current or future life and is very practical.


Representatives of Fire Services Bureau visited the campus dormitories to guide fire drills and took a group photo

The Student Affairs Office of Macau University of Science and Technology will continue to attach great importance to strengthen the risk awareness of fire prevention, theft and fraud among dormitory residents in the future. In addition to posting publicity and educational posters in student dormitories on a daily basis, dormitory staff also conduct regular room safety inspections to ensure the safety of accommodation. To ensure the safety and prevent problems before they occur.