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News: Dormitory Residents Enjoy Lantern Riddles during the Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. To familiarize dormitory residents with traditional Chinese culture and offer a unique living experience, Dormitory and Living Experience Team of Student Affairs Office organized a lantern appreciation and riddle-guessing event to celebration the Lantern Festival on 24th February. Residents were able to enjoy lanterns and guess riddles with friends and teachers in the dormitory lobby or the Dormitory Activity Center, experience Chinese culture all together.

On the eve of the Lantern Festival, members of the Dormitory Vanguard team and staff hung colorful lanterns, ribbons, and decorations throughout the dormitories, adding a festive touch to the atmosphere. The riddle-guessing event has always been popular among the residents, this year, the event included a segment with questions on scam prevention, drawing a large number of participants. This addition aimed to deepen residents' understanding and raise awareness about fraud prevention. On the same day, residents also cooked and shared Chinese glutinous rice balls, creating a very lively and harmonious atmosphere.

Dormitory Residents Participate in Lantern Riddle and Scam Prevention Information Quiz

Residents Cook and Share Chinese glutinous rice balls Together

Residents who participated in the event expressed that the Lantern Festival activities promoted friendship among them while allowing them to learn about traditional Chinese culture, making it a valuable dormitory living experience. This year, the Student Affairs Office decorated the heart-shaped tree opposite Block R with lanterns and hanging decorations, also set up a large heart-shaped balloon to enhance the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, which attracted many students to take photos as souvenirs.

In the future, Dormitory and Living Experience Team of Student Affairs Office will continue to organize similar activities to promote distinctive dormitory living, create warm memories for residents, and allow students to experience the ambiance of traditional Chinese festivals on campus.