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News: The 22nd Campus Pop Singing Competition was successfully concluded

In order to further enrich students' campus cultural life, create a positive and vibrant campus cultural atmosphere, and promote the overall development of students' comprehensive qualities, the 22nd Campus Pop Singing Competition, organized by the Music Society of Students’ Union of M.U.S.T., was successfully held on December 1st, 2023, at Block D Conference Hall.

After the intense competition in the preliminary and semi-final rounds, along with one wildcard contestant selected through public voting, a total of 11 students advanced to the Grand Finale. The final consisted of three rounds of competition. In the first round, the contestants performed duets, and the top six contestants advanced to the second round. In the second round, a surprise elimination format was used for one-on-one battles. Finally, the top three winners from the second round entered the last round to compete for the championship, runner-up, and third place.

The 11 finalists delivered a perfect performance on the stage of the Grand Finale, expressing their heartfelt emotions for this competition. Their melodious voices and fantastic stage performances brought the audience an extraordinary night. The competition was filled with excitement and brilliance. In addition, the event also included activities such as lucky draws, dance performances, and music society singer team performances, which not only enlivened the atmosphere but also helped alleviate the tension among the contestants. With the applause and cheers from the packed audience accompanying each contestant's singing, the event concluded successfully. In the end, the top three winners emerged: Liu Zhenyi won the championship of the Campus Pop Singing Competition, Xu Tingfeng secured the runner-up position, and Bi Jiayang achieved third place.


Right: Champion - Liu Zhenyi
Left: First Runner-up - Xu Tingfeng
Left: Second Runner-up - Bi Jiayang

Special thanks to the supporting and sponsoring organizations of this competition: the Student Affairs Office of M.U.S.T. and the Bank of China Macau Branch.