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NEWS:MUST School of Business Students’ Association successfully held “City Orienteering Competition”

 “City Orienteering Competition”, organized by MUST School of Business Students’ Association, was successfully held on October 30th , 2022. The activity was attended by 10 teams in groups of 6 to 8 people. The organizer has planned several routes and tasks. Participants must walk through Macau and Taipa to complete different tasks by teamwork and have a chance to experience the culture and landscape of Macau.

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The organizer explained the rules before the competition

Through co-operation and efforts by each team member, the Group NO.5 finally won the first place with 194 point, the Group NO.9 won the second place with 173 point and the Group NO.1 won the third place with 167.5 point. During the activity, each team leader played a vital role to lead the team members from time to time and maintain team morale in order to win the prize.

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Group photos of the winning team

 “City Orienteering Competition” is one of the brand activities of MUST School of Business Students’ Association. It is expected that these extracurricular activities are able to enrich  participant’s after school life. To promote their relationship, encourage them to go out of the classroom, approach Macau, and feel the unique regional customs and charm of Macau. With the support from Student Affairs Office of MUST, and sponsored by Education and Youth Development Bureau and Bank of China (Macau Branch), MUST School of Business Students’ Association successfully completed this activity.

▼Activity Highlights▼ 

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