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News: M.U.S.T. Fully Supports The Charity Event “Walk For A Million 2023”

The “Walks for Millions 2023” was organized by the Readers' Charity Foundation of Macau Daily News, staffs and students of M.U.S.T. actively participated in fundraising as always. On December 5th, Vice President Kwong, Ying Wa, Head of Student Affairs Office Wong, Ka Weng and Representative of Social Service Team, Vice President Li Weilin presented a cheque donation ceremony of MOP 100,000 raised by the staffs, students, members of M.U.S.T. Alumni Federation and staff of University Hospital to the Readers' Charity Foundation of Macau Daily.

Vice President Mr. Kwong, Ying Wa (Central) sent a donation of MOP 100,000 to the Readers' Charity Foundation of Macau Daily.

The M.U.S.T. Social Service Team, supervised by the Student Affairs Office, set up two campus fundraising booths from November 21st to 22nd 2023. Through posters and event tweets, more teachers and students came to understand the meaning, value, and fundraising purpose of the "Walks for Millions 2023" event. M.U.S.T. Social Service Team hoped to encourage more people to actively participate in and support the event, raising funds to assist those in need within the community. The fundraising sale garnered attention and participation from many students at M.U.S.T.

After the event, a member of Social Service Team Mr. Zheng said, “The Walks for Millions 2023 has sown kindness in the hearts of teachers and students of M.U.S.T., letting more people understand the importance and value of public welfare activities. I believe that in the coming days, more people will join the public welfare cause, contributing their strength to building a better society. I also look forward to more students participating in the Walks for Millions next year and contributing more to the development of charity in Macau.”

The "Walks for Millions 2023," organized by the Readers' Charity Foundation of Macau Daily News, has a long history since its first edition in 1984. In line with the public welfare spirit of "All for one, one for all," it has witnessed the growth and expansion of philanthropic endeavors in Macau, as well as the selfless dedication and love of people. Now, this event has been brought to the campus of M.U.S.T., greatly igniting the enthusiasm of teachers and students to participate in philanthropic activities and showcasing their concern for disadvantaged groups in society.

Highlights of the fundraising booth activity for the “Walks for Millions 2023”:

For charity, walk in unison. On the day of the "Walks for Millions 2023" on December 10th, a total of 1,007 members of M.U.S.T. team participated in the online and offline charity walks. The university sent an art troupe to perform on the main stage for all the walking teams along the way as always, and the Student Affairs Office organized students from different student associations, and faculty members from various colleges, research institutes and administrative units, marched forward together for public welfare.

Although the duration of online and offline walks was shortened this year, the total number of steps taken by M.U.S.T. surpassed 1.375 million, ranking 28th in Macau. According to the latest conference information, this year's event has received donations exceeding MOP 18 million, with nearly 120,000 participants from online and offline walks. With society fully reopening and the 40th edition of Walks for Millions underway, we can witness the immense support for all public welfare activities. The event was carried out in both online and offline formats, garnering active participation and a positive response. In addition to taking part in the four-kilometer offline walking experience, teachers and students also contributed their physical strength to support the public welfare activities. Moving forward, we hope to see even more teachers and students join in and contribute to the cause of public welfare.